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Follow These Steps and Become a Pro In Betting

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and has billions of fans. Every year people bet on cricket and win a good amount of money but starting without having proper knowledge can become the reason for money loss. Watching cricket and betting are two different things. When we watch cricket, we don’t have to calculate too many things and get lost in the enjoyment of the match. But betting needs concentration and strategy to win. Cricket bookies are always looking for a newbie, so they can make money but read this blog and follow the steps and win in betting.

You may say, I am a regular viewer of cricket and don’t need anyone’s help to win the betting. You may be wrong because we make mistakes too many times, think from the heart, and bet on our favorite team and lose money. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular viewer or a newbie. Follow these steps to become a pro and win with the cricket bookies.

Tips to Become a Pro In Betting 

When you think of starting betting, don’t rush into betting. Understand a few things, absorb them, and then you are good to go.

  • Use the Welcome Bonus Smartly

There are hundreds of betting websites available for betting, and most of them give a signing bonus. When we register to the website to start online betting, they deposit a small amount into our account. First, know about the validity of the bonus and use it like your own money. You can learn so many things about betting at the start, and there is no fear of losing money as well. Even if you lost the bonus money, absorb what you did wrong.

  • Bet on the Favorite

It is an essential aspect of betting and winning and losing depend on how you bet. Choose the team more likely to win, not the team we support. For example, You are an Irish fan, and the Ireland team is playing against India. Which is the favorite team to win, and we all know the answer, India? You will not bet on Ireland just because you are an Irish fan and support Ireland. If you do, it will be a stupid idea. If you want to win with the cricket bookies, keep your emotion aside and play with mind and stat. It is a safe bet, and the possibility of losing money is almost zero.

  • Understand All The Odds

Choosing a team is easy when you know your favorite team will win. But how will you select the team? When a match will be played between two strong sides. For example, India and New Zealand or England and Australia? In this case, you have to know everything from scratch like pitch conditions, the advantage of home conditions, the weather, the form of the player, and many more things.

For example, if a match is being played between Australia and India In Sydney. Australian pitch favors the pacer, so see about the form of fast bowlers of both teams and batters of both teams. After seeing all the odds choose a team, bet on this and win with cricket bookies.

  • Follow the Latest Cricket News

Cricket is one of the most viewed sports and also a hot topic for news channels and broadcasters. They make sure a better experience for the viewer, so they bring an expert on the show. Most experts are ex-player, and they talk about the conditions, the weather, favorite to win. You can get information about the tiny aspect of the game from cricket news by following the latest cricket news.

  • Read About the Previous Record

22 players play cricket, and everyone cannot be in form. A little contribution from an individual in the team makes a big difference. So, you have to search for every player and their strengths and weaknesses. Follow the previous five innings of an individual player, and you will know the answer to who is more reliable and consistent. Choose from them and your little amount to right guess, and turn the table and vice-versa.

If you want to beat the cricket bookie, absorb the little aspect of the game because when we watch it for enjoyment, we can’t absorb a little aspect of the game. Don’t trap in the cricket bookie strategy because they commonly give more fractions to a less favorable team. If the fraction is 1/1, you will get INR 2 for every INR 1, and if the fraction is ⅓, you will get INR 3 for every INR 1.

Read more about betting and learn the art of winning.

Is Betting a Skill? 

When you do anything without proper knowledge, it becomes a gamble. Betting with the proper knowledge is a skill while rushing into betting to earn some money is a gamble. Choose what you want to do. When you have the right set of skills, losing money to a cricket bookie is hard, while when you gamble, a cricket bookie knows how to win with a gambler. Do proper research, know every aspect of the game, and start betting with your skill.


If you are thinking of starting betting, you’d know about cricket and all, but betting is different from watching cricket. Gather all the information and be confident about the information, and bet on the team who is more favorable to win according to the data. Always bet with the help of data, not your emotion. If you want to learn the skill of betting, visit the CBTF website. It shares the resource with the reader for free, helps them to win in betting, and saves readers from the scam of other websites.

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