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Get The Latest News For Winning IPL Toss Prediction

IPL toss prediction requires latest news and updates about the teams and especially captain of the team. As the captain leads the toss before the match, the chances of winning a toss is 50-50 for both the teams and has a great impact on the following match. No one can be 100% sure of who is going to win the toss, but predictions can be made based on past data. That is the winning percentage of respective captains from the previous edition of IPL.

Let’s have a look at past data for predicting future toss in IPL matches: (Data: IPL 2021)

Captain Team Toss Winning Percentage
Sanju Samson  Rajasthan Royals  54%
MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings 52.82
Shreyas Iyer  Delhi Capitals 51.18%
VIrat Kohli Royal Challengers Bangalore 46.22%
David Warner Sunrisers Hyderabad 46.37%
Eoin Morgan Kolkata Knight Riders 50.00%
K L Rahul Punjab Kings 44.11%
Rohit Sharma Mumbai Indians 52.53%

IPL 2022 season is going on and betters are keen to know betting tactics, strategies and winning tips. CBTF is the one platform where you get the best tips and analysis of online betting, latest industry news, up to date information on cricket odds and cricket betting. This will help in making better predictions and increase the chances of winning the bets.

During the IPL live match toss our expert team shares real time updates and reliable predictions based on facts and figures, ground realities and past performance of both the teams. After studying all the information, you can place your bets wisely and confidently such that your chances of winning increases.

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IPL match toss prediction can be better understood if all the factors affecting the toss are pre informed and decisions are taken based on certain facts and figures. The toss is one of the oldest cricket rituals and is the same as it was back in 1877. The complete fate of the match relies upon this one toss and best part is nobody has control over its result. Still a lot of people are keen to predict match tosses and with the help of prediction tips they get good results and IPL toss win is mostly favorable for that team and increases the chances of winning the match.

IPL 2022 is the 15th edition of Indian Premier League and worldwide cricket fans are excited for the matches and its predictions and punters place their bets after a lot of study and analysis on a regular basis. Our team of cricket experts devise each and every detail about all the players and predict the result of each match. 

IPL toss prediction is crucial for the captain to win the match eventually, as it gives the direction how the match is going to end.

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