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Get Set To Play IPL Fantasy Cricket 2022

Don’t want to only watch the IPL but also be a part of it? Then IPL fantasy cricket 2022 is for you. Make your own team and play in a tournament with other teams created by like minded fans. What’s more, you can win not only the game, but also some money in the process. IPL fantasy cricket is the game every cricket fan is talking about. 

Wanna know how to start, read on for some IPL fantasy league tips and tricks. 

Fantasy cricket has the option to create your team and this year with 10 teams, the number of players up for selection is wide. One needs to keep a few things in mind when making the selection. 

  • Follow the games: IPL is a fast moving game with 9 to 10 matches per week so one can learn a lot by following the games. The pros and cons of each team and players could be easily understood and it makes the selection of some players easy.
  • Bucket list: Short list players and see the benefit they may bring to your team. In fantasy cricket, one free uncapped player transfer per game is allowed and to make the most of this option, having a good list of players is important. 
  • Form a tentative team: Once you are sure of some of the key players, putting them down on your team roster helps with understanding the gaps and what remaining positions need to be filled.
  • Team balance: For a balanced team in fantasy cricket the following criteria needs to be met – a minimum of one and maximum for four Wicket Keepers, minimum three and maximum six batsmen, for all rounders minimum one and maximum four and minimum three and maximum six bowlers needs to be selected for making a team of eleven players to form your dream team. IPL tippers suggest a combination of one wicket keeper, two all rounders, four batsmen and four bowlers for utilizing a wider choice for transfers between matches in the tournament. Another tip is not to select too many players from the same franchise considering the option to choose the best from each franchise team in the IPL.
  • Planning in advance: Planning ahead for the next few games is also an important aspect one needs to consider to win the tournament. Making player transfers often can also complicate the process and restrict the learning process. 

Selecting the team is one of the key aspects of the IPL fantasy cricket game but before you play also check the cricket predictions to help increase your chances of winning. The best IPL betting tips and predictions from the experts are right here to help and guide you, so are you ready to win IPL fantasy cricket 2022.

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