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How to Play Online Cricket Satta Bazar | CBTF

In recent times, online Satta cricket has grown exponentially and become one of the most popular games. Every day millions of people play Satta online in cricket, but they lack the trick. It offers us win money regularly if you know how to play.

Satta has been around the sport for years, but the internet helped it to popularize across the world. Every part of the world plays Satta and wins it with their in-depth analysis and game. The outcome depends on how well you predict the game. Anyone can read about cricket and can know what is going to happen. There are a few things where people play online Satta cricket. Who will win the match, who will win the toss, who will score the century, who will take a fifer, and many more things?

Rules of Online Satta Market 

We learn about the basics before starting anything, and it also applies to online Satta cricket. If you want to win the bet and earn money, understand a few basic things.

Cricket matches start with a toss, and toss prediction is a huge market in Satta. It provides an instant result, and the probability of winning a bet is 50%. People play Satta on who will win the toss. If you analyze the previous record, your winning probability may increase. For example, a captain usually wins the toss, so bet on that. You might lose the bet, but the winning chance is very high.

Most people bet on who will be the game-winner, and it is the most common market in the Satta. People predict the winning team and get money from the bookmaker if their cricket prediction becomes right. It is also one of the safest bets because the winning probability of a favorite team is high. For example, India is playing against Afghanistan, and the match is most likely to end with a win for India. Bookmakers also know it, so they decrease the cricket odds of India winning and increase the cricket odds on Afghanistan’s win. If you take a bet on Afghanistan and if team India lost the match that will rarely happen. You will get the maximum return.

The top batsman of a series or tournament is a hot topic in online Satta cricket. Since it is the most difficult thing to predict, bookmakers offer higher odds. You will predict the player’s name who will score the maximum run in the tournament. If your prediction gets right you will get the maximum return.

Top highest wicket-taker is also one of the hot topics in the data industry. Tournaments like IPL made it more popular as it gave purple cups to the highest wicket-taker in the tournament. Predicting the highest wicket-taker might be difficult because it added all the wickets from the whole tournament.

How much will a team score in the first innings? It is the most asked and predictable thing. You can see it in the commentary panel, all the experts predict the first innings total. They predict the first innings total after analyzing the weather & pitch conditions, batting team form, and many more. It is not easy and not also difficult to predict.

How to Play an Online Satta?

Playing online Satta is not difficult, pick the best website to play. Every website has different odds, pay rates, and joining bonuses. Search for the best website and register yourself. They will ask for basic information like your name, email ID, and mobile number. Avoid giving sensitive information. After registering yourself on a website, deposit money, get the joining bonus, and start placing the bet. A good website allows you to withdraw money from your bank very quickly.

Indian Premier League is the biggest online Satta cricket market. It has reached the new highest in every season after the introduction by the BCCI. Every person talked about the IPL and played the Satta in the IPL. It provides opportunities to earn more money. Every day one match takes place, and on weekends two matches take place. Get deep into the IPL and develop your skill. 

Anyone can take the bet and win the bet, while playing online Satta cricket. There is no need to be an expert, and anyone can play the game because it is straightforward. You will only need a mobile phone or laptop to place a bet.


The Satta market has grown exponentially due to the internet. The number of people is increasing day by day who are playing online Satta cricket If you also want to win the bet from the bookie, understand a few basic terms about cricket: toss, pitch & weather conditions, previous records, and players’ records. There are a few things to bet on: toss prediction, highest scorer, highest wicket-taker, and the first-inning score. Visit the CBTF website to learn more about Satta and tips.


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