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India next match date T20 World Cup 2022

India next match date T20 World Cup 2022

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the game’s entire regulating body, creates a calendar for the test-playing nations, requiring that each of them plays at least two bilateral series (one at home and one away) against the other over ten years. The Future Tour Program, or simply FTP, is the name of this schedule. The bare minimum is two. The countries can play more than two bilateral series in ten years if their boards agree, but they must play at least two.

Get to know all about the Next T20 Match India schedule with this.

India Upcoming Cricket Matches Schedule  

The year 2022 is anticipated to be a good one for Men in Blue and the entire cricketing club. There will be a tonne of games played this year, and the best news is that a few ODIs will also be played in memory of the 2023 World Cup. There will undoubtedly be a lot of runs scored, wickets taken and records broken in the current year. The ICC upcoming matches T20 World Cup will take place this year, and it will be pretty exciting to watch because it will be in Australia.

The Indian team is currently playing three coordinated Test matches and three one-day international matches in South Africa. In addition, four T20Is were scheduled for a visit but were scrapped due to a slight installation delay. West Indies will travel to India to play three One-Day Internationals. After that, the South Africa series will be an advancement series for the Caribbean team.

Sri Lanka will visit India in February-Walk to play two Tests and three T20Is just after the West Indies series. The fourteenth season of the Indian Head Association (IPL), which will feature a fierce fight between 10 teams this time, is expected to begin at the end of spring or during the first week of April.

The Indian team traveled to the UK in July to take part in a limited-overs series that will include three T20Is, three ODIs, and the fifth Test that was postponed until 2021. The Asia Cup was also played in the 20-over format in September 2022.

Here is the complete schedule of India upcoming matches: 

India VS Bangladesh Match – Upcoming Matches

December 2022 – India tour of Bangladesh 

  • Match – 3 ODI, 2 Test 
  • Venue – Bangladesh

January 2023 – Sri Lanka tour of India 

  • Match – 3 ODI, 3 T20s 
  • Venue – India

Jan-Feb 2023 – New Zealand tour of India  

  • Match – 3 ODI, 3 T20s 
  • Venue – India

Feb-Mar 2023 – Australia tour of India  

  • Match – 4 Test, 3 ODI
  • Venue – India

Mar-Jun 2023 – IPL 2023  

  • Match – 74 T20 Matches 
  • Venue – India

Jul-Aug 2023 – India tour of West Indies 

  • Match – 2 Test, 3 ODI, 3 T20s 
  • Venue – West Indies

September 2023 – Asia Cup 2023  

  • Match – 12 ODI, 1 Final Match  
  • Venue – Sri Lanka

Sep-Dec 2023 – Australia tour of India  

  • Match – 3 ODI, 5 T20s 
  • Venue – India

Oct-Nov 2023 – ICC Cricket World Cup 2023  

  • Match – 48 ODI
  • Venue – India

Dec-Jan 2024 – India tour of South Africa  

  • Match – 2 Test, 3 ODI, 3 T20
  • Venue – South Africa

Jan-Mar 2024 – India tour of England  

  • Match – 5 Test 
  • Venue – England

July 2024 – India tour of Sri Lanka  

  • Match – 3 ODI, 3 T2o 
  • Venue – Sri Lanka 

Sep-Oct 2024 – Bangladesh tour of India  

  • Match – 2 Test, 3 T20 
  • Venue – India

Oct-Nov 2024 – New Zealand Tour of India   

  • Match – 3 Test 
  • Venue – India

Nov-Jan 2025 – India tour of Australia  

According to the Cricket FTP published by the International Cricket Council, a bilateral series can be moved to a neutral location, such as the United Arab Emirates or any other country with good facilities, with the consent of the respective boards if a team does not want to travel there for security reasons. The Pakistan Cricket Team has recently played a large portion of their domestic bilateral series on Emirate soil.

India Upcoming Cricket Matches Updates 

A few days after the T20 World Cup finished, many cricket fans may have missed the action, but the sport has returned today with a bang. England, who just won the T20 championship, will play Australia in a three-match ODI series, while India’s younger players will play New Zealand starting on November 18.

Similarly, an ODI series between Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will begin on November 25. Test cricket between Australia and the West Indies and the historic red-ball series between England and Pakistan will both start in December. The ODI World Cup 2023 will be the biggest tournament ever, so that the ensuing year will be crucial for all the teams.

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India Upcoming Matches Recent Updates 

The T20 leagues will provide fans with an excess of cricket in the upcoming six months in addition to international cricket. There will be three new T20 Leagues that begin play in 2venue023. 

The International T20 League (ILT20) will debut in UAE Cricket, and SA20 will debut in South Africa. In July 2023, Major League Cricket T20 will debut in the United States.

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