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Latest Cricket Betting Tip and Predictions for Today’s Game


Having originated in England, cricket is one of the most popular and established sports followed by many people across the globe. Especially people from Asian countries. 

For people who love cricket and prefer watching each national and international event associated with cricket, supporting their home team or favorite sports star along with making profits from it, your go-to answer is Cricket Betting.

It is the most common form of cricket wager to make consistent profits.

Cricket betting involves predicting the results of cricket matches and placing bets on the team or player one thinks will win or if the match will end in a draw.

It sounds easy to place a bet on a team or person and win. However, this will only make you lose your money if you don’t know how cricket betting works.

Here are some beneficial tips and strategies that will help you solidify your decision before placing a bet.


  • DOGON’S STRATEGY: This strategy is pure mathematics and is popular among new bettors. It’s based on the principle of catch-up double the staking at every step to lose the losses incurred in the previous round. It is an elementary cricket betting strategy that is good for the short term. 
  • FLAT BETTING: Again a work of simple mathematics, it can be useful for the stakers who are still inexperienced. The principle behind a ‘flat bed’ is that every stake is worth the same amount no matter how many wagers you place. It is an ideal cricket betting strategy but  It’s best to go with a small flat bet initially. 
  • OSCAR’S GRIND: A betting strategy like Dogon’s but with a twist. Here, you don’t increase the stake after you lose. The stake will only increase when you win. This strategy is divided into ‘units’ and ‘sittings’. Every sitting begins with a unit bet and is followed through until you’ve earned the unit’s profit. After you win, a new sitting would start. However, if you lose, the sitting would continue until your wager comes through eventually. 
  • LADDER SYSTEM: A betting strategy where the whole amount you win on a bet is staked on the next bet. It is suitable for beginners Ideally, always choose outcomes with relatively lower odds – that is, ones with a high possibility of winning. Moreover, you specify the number of bets in a cycle. You should go for a 3 or 5-step ladder considering every new bet induces that one chance of losing it all. The major downside of this plan is if you lose a bet, you’ll lose everything.
  • DANISH SYSTEM: It is a simple strategy where you increase the stake by one unit (or the stake you started with) as well as the odds by at least 0.5. This strategy is undoubtedly risky. That’s because if you continuously suffer losses, your bet amount and odds will keep increasing, meaning you will lose control over your losses
  • THE KELLY CRITERION BETTING STRATEGY: The prime objective of this strategy is to strike balance between risk and reward, helping you maximize your reward and minimize the degree of incurred losses. It will help you seek a favorable amount without risking your money. For the Kelly Criterion to work, you have to calculate the chances and possibilities of winning a wager. Only then can you bet more on a team/player with a higher probability of winning, and likewise, stake less on a team/player that doesn’t have as much of a chance to win. You are required to have a thorough knowledge of the game/ player you are betting on. There’s no definite answer to that ‘expected chance’ of a wager winning. 
  • PERCENTAGE OF BANK STRATEGY: It is one of the oldest and most popular strategies among punters. It involves dividing your resources into a series of small wagers, usually between five and ten percent of your total fund. You then bet on every match, regardless of the chances of your winnings or losing. The logic behind this strategy is that by making smaller bets, you are more likely to win in the long run. The most important thing is to stick to your betting plan and not get too greedy.


  • Do your research thoroughly when it comes to any cricket betting strategy. The more you know, the better your chances are of you winning.
  • Many factors can affect the match’s outcome and you need to be aware of all of them like the form of the players and team, injuries, venue, etc.
  • Be updated on the latest cricket news. Use cricket score sites and apps for real-time updates and news about ongoing matches.
  • You should also be prepared for how betting markets are and work.
  • Don’t bet on the same team repeatedly 
  • To fully understand how cricket betting works, do a couple of dry runs. Move forward only if you feel confident in staking.
  • You must be disciplined and bet responsibly.
  • Monitor your performance so that you’ll understand where you incur losses and how to plug them. 
  • Keep a record of all your staking, all the tournaments you’re participating in, and your winnings. 
  • Set a tight spending limit to avoid exploiting your bank account.

While Betting is fun and an exciting affair, you must not let your emotions or yourself go overboard while doing it. 

Learning the Cricket betting strategies by heart and following Cricket betting tips will come in handy before making a prediction and staking a wager. 


UAE and Namibia clashed at the Simonds Stadium in Geelong on Saturday, October 20, 2022. 

Namibia lost to the Netherlands in their previous match while UAE suffered from a back-to-back loss in the competition.


Based on the current events, Namibia is more favorable for the win. 

Also, the team that bats first is more likely to win.


UAE won the toss (chose to bat) as well as the match by 7 runs.

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