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Predictive Analysis of an IPL Match

Predictive Analysis of an IPL Match

In the inception year of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, it was a niche league that revolutionized the format of the gameplay, T20. After a decade, IPL enjoys huge viewership and is the biggest league to be wagered upon. 

As the IPL is a cash-rich league and has immense size & growth, the punters must know the free cricket betting tips for IPL matches. To predict accurately for winning a wager, you must increase your knowledge to advantage before betting on the IPL matches. 

With huge sources of knowledge out there, we have compiled some important IPL betting tips, T20 format information, and the general betting strategies for the punters. 

IPL Betting Tips: League and Format  

Test cricket is a traditional form of cricket and One Day Internationals (ODIs) are considered to be pure versions of the sport. In the queue, T20 has become increasingly popular across the globe and many countries have imitated the format to conduct domestic matches. 

T20 is a short form cricket and both sides have one inning to bat and bowl for a maximum of 20 overs. As it is a short form cricket, there are some specific IPL betting tips for the upcoming matches. 

Here are some cricket betting tips for upcoming matches in IPL:

  • Staying Informed

Like other sports, the knowledge is the biggest betting advantage you can implement for IPL betting. It includes general sport and the knowledge of league format you gain from expert guides and keeping up with the knowledge of player health and current form. 

For new players in the team, there is an annual player auction and transfer windows when teams can change their players in IPL teams. To bet confidently, get daily cricket updates and betting sites to compare the best odds and choose prop bets. 

  • Researching T20 History 

While IPL rookies or new players enter through the annual player auction, there is often T20 match information available that helps you better predict the success of IPL. 

Like the IPL in India, Big Bash League (BBL) is another popular T20 league. There are other T20 competitions that punters love to bet on and get huge profits out of it. 

  • Free IPL Betting Tips for the T20 Format

As T20 is a unique and favorite format for punters in cricket, it is crucial for you to seek IPL betting tips that suit specifically to T20 matches. For this shortened cricket format, a general tip would be to be cognizant of the bowler maximums. 

In an IPL match or T20 formats, there are limited overs for the bowlers during an innings. If you want to bet on that, there is always one or two bowlers that can take the most wickets and the bettors can use this understanding to earn higher. 

Another crucial tip for the punter is to understand the importance of each over in the innings. If you bet on runs in an over at the beginning stage or through a live in-play bet, you must focus on the context of the situation on the pitch. In the T20 format, the batters hit the maximum score in the last over. Considering it to be the last over of the innings, the batters play aggressively and bowlers try their best to dismiss their opponents.

IPL Betting Tips for Different For Different Formats 

Usually, the type of bet differs in different cricket formats, taking into account multiple factors, such as pitch conditions, players and team performance. To bet on the modern IPL matches, you can seek out cricket betting tips from the experts. 

  • IPL Live Betting

Most of the IPL betting markets and online cricket betting sites can help you join the fun. Understanding the cricket betting odds and the stats of previous performances, you can bet on live cricket matches. The punters can pick specific bets to place their wager on upcoming matches in the upcoming IPL matches. 

As we have mentioned above, in an aggressive playing environment and the shortened match format, some batters play at higher run rates than other cricket formats. Before betting on the IPL matches, you have to analyze and predict the average run rate for the betting pair. Predicting the batters to play brilliantly at a specific over is important to place live bets. In an IPL season each team plays twice with the other. You can also pick best batters and bowlers that can help you predict the form of player for in-play IPL bets. 

Check out the list of IPL Champions Year Wise 

Indian Premier League Champions

Gujarat Titans                 –               2022

Chennai Super Kings –               2021

Mumbai Indians           –               2020

Mumbai Indians           –               2019

Chennai Super Kings –               2018

Mumbai Indians           –               2017

Sunrisers Hyderabad –               2016

Mumbai Indians           –               2015

Kolkata Knight Riders –               2014

Mumbai Indians           –               2013

Kolkata Knight Riders –               2012

Chennai Super Kings –               2011

Chennai Super Kings –               2010

Deccan Chargers           –               2009

Rajasthan Royals           –               2008

As for the IPL MVP award, called “Man of the Tournament” until 2013, only three of the league’s first 14 MVPs were from the team that ultimately won the championship title. 

Summing Up

To predict better for the best pair for upcoming IPL matches, get expert advice and free cricket betting tips to enhance your cricket betting experience. 

Applying your knowledge and statistical approach, you can earn big through IPL matches. 

To start your betting journey, stay tuned with CBTF Betting Experts and get profitable rewards through betting on multiple cricket betting sites.


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