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Betting on ICC ODI World Cup: Accumulator Betting Tips

Cricket betting is emerging rapidly due to the rise in the popularity of playing cricket with fun and passion all over the world. Internationally, there are three formats of cricket played, i.e., test matches, One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals. These matches are conducted under the protocols of the International Cricket Council (ICC). This time, we are heading towards the ICC ODI World Cup scheduled to be hosted in India from 5 October to 19 November 2023. 

Again, cricket enthusiasts and money-minders would like to place bets on the matches held during the world cup to enjoy the match passionately and also to win. Betting can be of two types – single and accumulator bet (acca bet). The first one is a bet placed on only one outcome whereas the accumulator can be a single bet, but it is linked to numerous proposals at once. For instance, you can place a single bet when you want your team to win by a specific margin but to win the accumulator bet, you must connect at least two bets and then ultimately win all of the bets combined. 

Accumulator or acca bet, in which multiple selections are combined into a single bet with higher chances, is definitely worth it if you are looking for fun but make sure to carefully select the accumulator bet as such bets have a higher bookmaker margin compared to other types of bets. So, here in this blog, we will take you through accumulator betting and various tips to win it.

Advantages of Accumulator Betting

When you place a bet on multiple events at the same time, it may be quite appealing and can be profitable to you, but certainly has drawbacks too. To avoid loss, you should know when to choose accumulator betting by considering its advantages and disadvantages and then deciding whether to go with it or not.  


  • You can win big rewards with a tiny stake. 
  • You can get higher returns by mixing several cricket tournaments. 

Tips & Strategies for Accumulator Betting

Here are some of the accumulator betting tips and tricks which you can refer to earn big. 

Use an Ideal Staking Plan

No matter what type of bet you are placing, proper planning is a crucial aspect of your winning the bet. If you are new to acca bets, the best tip is to bet the same sum of money on each bet. Your money can be lost due to the factor of variance if you don’t follow up with a well-thought-out staking plan. 

Be Mindful of the Number of Selections

The best approach is to constantly play with doubles or trebles, therefore try to limit the selections you include in your wager to no more than three. Adding too many selections without proper planning can reduce your chances of winning. So, ideally, you should pick the right selections and counts to win a good amount of return with a small sum. 

Consider System Bet or Acca Insurance

As we all know that betting is both entertaining and profitable but it also comes with a lot of risks including tremendous losses. Bets can be thrilling and hence it’s quite normal to prepare yourself for bearing some risk. There are, however, some strategies for avoiding wagering dangers that you can in no way afford. 

One of the ways is to consider system bets for reducing the impact of acca bet losses. System bets include the combination of both single and accumulator bets. This lessens your overall risk as now you don’t have to make all the right selections to win the bet.  

Getting acca insurance is yet another choice for reducing risk because it compensates all of your losses, however, system bets should still be taken into account since acca insurance is currently challenging to come by in India. 

Don’t Rely on Other People’s Prediction

You will not get improved skills to bet if you follow tipsters on Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites only to copy their forecasts and then cross your fingers. This is because you’ll always be relying on their good fortune. So try creating your own betting strategy rather than looking for bets of the day, acca betting recommendations, and other such things. However, you must first verify the source’s trustworthiness if you like to catch what other people are gambling on.

Wrap Up!

If you are looking to have fun while gambling, placing an accumulator bet is indeed an enjoyable mode to make a lot of money quickly, despite the risk that comes with it. This particular type of betting is renowned for allowing bettors to combine a wide variety of bets on multiple events.  

As it turns out, accumulator betting is the ideal choice if you enjoy placing bets on a wide range of events or following other matches in a single league.


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