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Strategies for Live Betting on ICC ODI World Cup Matches


Cricket is not just a game but an emotion for sport lovers and adding the fun of betting while watching it live can be more entertaining and exciting. Betting involves predicting different aspects of the matches, highest run scorer, highest wicket achiever, and series scorer. ICC ODI World Cup is the highlight of this year. Cricket is not only a sport, it’s a national celebration. The world is excited to watch the 13th edition of Cricket World Cup, it is scheduled to be hosted in India from 5 October to 19 November 2023. In this journey of the world cup, gamblers will come out with new enthusiasm and excitement to bet on cricket with their strategy to win and grab this opportunity. 

In this blog we will discuss strategies for live betting on ICC ODI World Cup. Have a look!

Cricket Betting Strategies 

Outright Bet Strategy

Outright bet strategy is basically placed before the tournament begins, basically this strategy is not much useful for live streaming but can be considered before match begins as it allows betters to inspect the long term outcome of the team and its chances to win the series or tournament. The odds for outright bet strategy can fluctuate all over the tournament on the basis of performances of the players.

Handicaps Betting Strategy

Live betting strategies can be followed by Handicaps betting strategy which works to create more odds by adjusting the final score. This betting cricket is a type of wager that aims to level the playing field between two teams of varying strength. This predicts better about the winning team and also allows betters to choose whether the losing team can overcome this handicap made by the bookmaker or not.

Players Betting Strategy 

Players betting strategy is most commonly used in all kinds of sports, in which gamblers wager on the particular player’s performance within a game or a match. These bets are placed on the various parameters such as, player’s last match score, yard run or points scored in the game. This strategy can be useful for you to bet while live streaming.

Dogon Strategy

It is one of the mathematical strategies which can be used in the coming World Cup. It is based on the principle of ‘playing-catch up’. In this strategy, the better doubles its rates or stakes at every step to counterbalance all losses incurred in previous rounds. It can be continued until the recovery of loss is done. 

Betting with this strategy it is mandatory to remember that it is an elementary cricket betting strategy that provides a good outcome in the short term.

Top Tips For Successful Live Betting

In this edition of the ICC ODI World Cup you can use these tips for successful live betting.

Use Live Streaming: If your website allows you to bet during live streaming, it’s a perfect companion when betting is on the go. You can now bet live while watching on the screen.

Bet on The Opposite Outcome: If you find yourself losing bet during the game you can immediately reverse your incorrect bet quickly and bet on another team. This strategy won’t help you with big earnings but it can help you prevent loss.

Place Live Moneyline For Better Odds: Placing live moneyline can help you find better odds, to apply this strategy you just need to wait for an event to begin and you can place a bet.

Arbitrage Betting: This strategy will help you cover the right market that can result in guaranteed profit. Bookmakers have their own biases and predictions about the winning team and having a live bookmakers can help you grab all the winning opportunities.

Watch The Game In Person: Don’t be dependent on bookmakers as they could be slow to adjust the live lines. Watch the game in person if you can, have faith in your algorithms and strategies, watching on your own will help you with all the actions currently going on in the match accordingly you can take advantage of the shifting lines quickly.


Live betting is much better then pre- betting option because in live betting you can bet over the correct team and unlock your probability to win the bet. Live betting is a real time wagering, rather than placing your bets before the match begins and waiting for the outcome. You get to use the live betting strategies and enjoy the adventurous journey of live betting on your favourite sports as the magic unfolds. If you are interested in gambling and want to try betting on cricket in this edition of ICC ODI World Cup then no worries, CBTF is here to enlighten you in this journey.

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