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Today Match Predictions – Cricket Betting Tips from Experts | CBTF


Cricket is a sport that is watched all over the world, from India to Australia, all the way to the United Kingdom, where it originated. It has been out in the world for centuries and offers multiple opportunities to bet and make money. 

Cricket betting is popular for the returns it gives along with the fun and thrill. It does not matter whether you are new to this field or an expert bettor, everyone finds online betting fulfilling and exciting.

How And From Where To Start?

You start betting by choosing a good and renowned platform. Ensure that the bookmaker has a valid license and does not do any kind of fraud. The platform you choose must be offering different cricket tournaments, including all formats of the ICC Cricket World Cup, IPL, T20, etc.

While picking the betting site, check the bookmaker review to get in-depth knowledge of the operator. Once everything is set, you can start with your betting which depends upon predicting the outcome of a match or tournament. 

Your cricket predictions depend on the available markets. If your prediction matches the outcome then the operator will settle the bet by crediting your account with your winnings. 

Understanding Cricket Format

Understanding the game in detail will help you in increasing your chances of winning the bet. For example, you must have a great deal of knowledge of cricket disciplines and formats. For anyone new to this field, here are free cricket tips today

  • First Class Cricket

This is a high-profile cricket format that involves top-tier domestic or international teams. The matches last for about four to five days and both teams have two innings and can include county championships or test matches.

Just like any other format, this format also includes a team of 11 players and is conducted on international standard grounds.

  • Limited Overs Cricket

This is another common cricket format. In this type of cricket, designated single-innings matches take place where the participating teams bowl a particular number of overs.

The overs are more often either 20 or 50 or the latest format which is 100 balls. 

Some types of limited cricket formats are –

  1. One Day

In this, two high-profile teams or in the case of ODI cricket two international teams play against each other. The game has 50 overs and lasts for about 9 hours. These types of matches are hard to predict as they are competitive and the game can change at any moment.

  1. T20

This format is one of the most popular cricket forms which was introduced in 2003. It involves two teams with each team having single innings limited to 20 overs. This is the most recognized and enjoyed form of cricket format.

  1. The Hundred

This is a professional ball franchise that has eight men’s and women’s teams and as its name suggests it consists of 100 balls.

Now that you know about the different cricket formats, let us dive into some of today cricket betting tips that will help you in winning the bet.

  • Choose The Best Betting Site 

There are innumerable betting sites available online but not every site is good, reliable, and provides you with the best offers and insights. Picking the right website is a crucial decision that requires a lot of thought. 

Many factors have to be considered before you trust a website. Learn the way the website works like its banking options, free bets, customer service, terms, and conditions, etc. Cricket Betting Tips Free is a reliable website for betting tips.

  • Research Your Team

When it comes to winning a bet, analyze the team on which you are thinking of betting. The team should have a good record and should have won a majority, if not all, of matches. 

Look at how they won the match and their strategy. For example, if they swiped their opponents off the field in the last five matches, then they are in great form, and placing a bet on them is a wise decision. 

But this is not enough. Sometimes, luck runs short in the end and so you must see the players who are on the team and the type of pitch they will be playing on. 

Some players can play well on any surface while some struggle to work on particular surfaces. So, if you are planning to place a bet on a top run-scorer or wicket-taker, then closely study the statistics of that player.  

Collect information about the player and see if he can balance stress and the game.

  • Decisions Should Be Scientific And Data-Driven

The decisions that you take should be based on hard scientific driven data and not on emotions. Emotions are something that can get in your way and make you lose the bet.

Study minor details including the current team and player form, the team line-ups, batting order, pitch and weather conditions, etc. 

  • Team Ranking

Numbers can give you a clear idea about the position of the team. If a team is better ranked than others then there is something about that team. The position of the team on the standings table does not matter as much as their overall record.

A team that is at the top of the league could be hanging on to that spot by a thread. What matters more is the team’s win-loss ratio and the number of points they have collected.

  • Injuries

Sometimes we know that a certain team is better than their opponent due to a player but it may happen that the specific player is not playing the game. What if that player, for example, the top batsman of the team is injured and is thus not playing the match?

Another thing is that certain players may look good overall but they may not have done well in the last few games.

Wrapping Up 

These were some of today cricket match tips that will help in increasing your chances of winning a bet.

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