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Free Cricket Predictions & Betting Tips for Today’s Matches | CBTF

Cricket is one of the religiously celebrated games across the world. You’ll find a cricket fanatic in every corner who’s crazy about it. Cricket came into being in the late 16th century and since then, it’s growing and reaching multiple people, groups, and countries.

Everyone enjoys seeing their favorite team or player play. What’s better than this is gaining money by watching them through cricket betting. Today cricket betting can be considered a skill. All you have to do is a bet on the team you think will win and if it does win, you just added a lot of money to your wallet

However, as easy as it sounds, it’s not. If you’ll bet irresponsibly, you’re at the odds to drain your bank account. 

That’s why here are some of the best cricket match tips that you should always keep in mind when placing cricket bets.

Today’s Cricket Match Tips

Look out for the best available odds

Always look out for the best odds available when betting on cricket. Take enough of your time to compare and consider match odds before you go for a particular bookmaker. With the best odds available, you are certainly about to make a more significant win if your bet wins. One of the prime secrets of looking out for fantastic cricket odds is choosing future bets and specials.

Don’t Just Make Use of Just One Bookmaker

Loyalty is one of the major characteristics of the betting world. Due to the competitiveness of this sector, companies will always do their best to make sure that you only bet with them. They will do this by using loyalty schemes or offering you regular interesting promotions. However, they shouldn’t make you believe that it is wrong to bet at numerous betting sites for cricket. There are several odds checker sites available that will provide you with the bookmakers who have the best odds for the market or sports that you are interested in.

Take advantage of matched betting and arbitrage betting

If you are searching for the best betting system, Matched betting and Arbitrage betting systems are the best options to be considered. These systems involve backing a particular market at a sportsbook and then laying the same bet at a betting exchange. The main strategy is to either make a profit or break even. Matched betting and Arbitrage betting are incredible choices, especially if you are looking for a cricket betting strategy that works immediately and does not require too much mathematics.

Follow cricket tipsters and their expert predictions

Following cricket tipsters and noting down their masterful predictions is a brilliant move if you want to improve your chances of placing successful wagers. However, ensure that you do your research before going for expert predictions. This will give you a vast scope of the markets. Referring to this strategy is highly recommended for expert and newbie players. After all, if you can do satisfactory research, you can refer to this information to verify your findings.

Do Your Team Research

When it comes to wagering on a team to win, you need to find out more than how many games they have won recently. You also need to look at the forms in which they have played in those games. For example, if they have removed their opponents off the field in their last five matches, then they are clearly in great form, and placing a bet on them to win would be a great decision.

That is probably the best cricket betting tip today that you’ll read. However, if they have been performing well due to luck, you should think about betting on some other team because, it is an unsaid truth, luck always runs out in the end. You also should consider the players that are participating in the match as well as the type of pitch that they are going to be playing on. Some players can play on every surface, whereas many others struggle on particular surfaces. 

Take the small wins and profits

A newbie bettor’s biggest mistake when gambling online is not enjoying small victories and winnings. Gambling is unpredictable. You must appreciate every profit you make whether big or small. Most bettors only look forward to enjoying significant payouts at one point or another. Well, that’s not always the case. You must pocket every profit you make. It is surprising to learn that the chances of small wins gathering a better payout are higher than that of achieving substantial earnings with a single bet.

Check the Weather Forecast

Every avid cricket fan can testify that the weather is a key determinant of the results. Learning about what kind of weather is expected during cricket matches will determine the length of the tournament. Also, humidity is a prime factor that greatly affects the movement of the ball, which essentially may affect the team set-up, whether the team should include swing bowlers or not. It can also help you get a rough idea of the expected score, especially if you combine it with your extensive research. This strategy is suitable when you are placing bets on the team or the players. It is also most advised and recommended regardless of the event.

Today’s Match Prediction 

 A cricket match was played between India and Australia on December 20, 2022.

Prediction and Tips –

  • Australia Women’s batters have been in good form, and the side has made 180 runs per game
  • Australia Women have won twelve of the last fifteen games they have played against India Women
  • Australia Women batters Beth Mooney and Ellyse Perry have scored 350 runs between them in four games

Australia will win the match

Outcome: Australia’s team wins the match by 6 wickets.


The above-mentioned free cricket tips will help you every time before you make a decision and place a bet on the team or player. Using betting strategies will just strengthen your decision and will assist you in winning the bet.


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