Live Streaming

The betting industry is likewise not immune to digitization, which is taking the world by storm. Live streaming is becoming more popular with bookmakers that aim to provide customers with special features and services. Now that you can move around effortlessly and do the work at hand while watching live action on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, you no longer have to spend hours glued to the television while your favourite teams are competing and putting every other task at risk. The majority of sports books offer a Live Streaming feature, which makes it possible to watch IPL live scores.

In order to get an advantage over their rivals, every website offers this option, but many of them charge exorbitant fees, and you can never be sure of the legality or authenticity of the other websites. Watching the cricket live stream while being able to put In-Play bets is nothing more than a virtual delight if you're the one looking to have an engaging punting experience.

Technical requirements for live streaming include a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 512 kbps, a current operating system, and one of the most recent iterations of your web browser. All these conditions, though, could differ depending on the bookies offering the service.

Live streaming supports live-in-play betting and increases player interaction on the website for bookies. As the game progresses, customers can follow along and keep track of their bets. The gamers love that there are now many more live-play betting sites and live betting offerings as a result of this.

Why CBTF is the best bookmaker in Live Streaming?

There is a tonne of cricket betting websites and others that provide live cricket online for a select few sports to their customers, but CBTF stands out the most. The website is packed with top-notch services for the bettors on board, including unmatched live streaming of cricket matches from domestic markets like the Indian Premier League to the worldwide market like the ICC World Cup, Champions Trophy, etc. Unlike other bookies, CBTF offers high-quality live streaming that enables viewers to watch the game live while still placing bets, giving them the best of both worlds. Another remarkable feature is the ability to pin the live video and freely navigate the website or available alternatives, which is something that is only available to you. Your live-stream betting experience with CBTF is enhanced by the live commentary and audio sessions.

Live Streaming

You can also easily access the IPL match live today via the mobile application if you want to walk around and make sure you don't miss a single ball that is bowled or run that is scored during the ongoing action. The utilisation of live streaming with CBTF on desktop or mobile devices is advantageous for bettors.

Live Streaming How to use the Live Stream feature with CBTF?

If you have an account with the website and a positive account balance, there are no additional fees for using the live stream. You can watch any match live by following a few easy steps, the first of which is to be logged into your CBTF account:

Before you can access the live stream for that match, you must first place a wager on one of the markets for that game at least 24 hours before it begins.

Click on the live cricket online link as soon as the game starts. You will be able to see the game in real time in the window that will pop open as a result.

You must make sure that any security precautions, such as a firewall, that would prevent you from using a website function, have been removed. Additionally necessary is the installation of Javascript and Flash within the browser. All iPhone and Android users have to do to watch the game live is download the app and select "Live stream."

When is the live video stream available to start watching?

Two minutes before the event's scheduled start time, each event starts streaming. The moment you click on the name of the live event, the media file will start to stream. Depending on the speed of your connection, there can be a minor delay.

Additionally, you are unable to see the game on another PC. It's because a video streaming feed is licenced to a PC when a game is viewed using Digital Rights Management (DRM). As a result, it will only function on a PC where a wager was made. Sending the link via email or SMS to another device will not work.

Because CBTF is not allowed to stream some events to the host country, you might not be able to watch some events that are taking place in your own country. Your IP address is used to display the events that are available to you.

What system and technological requirements must be met?

Please ensure that your computer meets the following specifications in order to get the most out of CBTF's live cricket online feature:


Windows XP, Internet Explorer 10 and the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera


Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard Latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera

Broadband Speed

A connection speed of 512kbp/s or higher.

If your PC is running a firewall or other associated security software, you might not be able to utilise this feature since it might prevent you from accessing the site.

There's a chance the video won't play with the audio. Make sure your computer has a sound card to play the audio in such situations and that your audio levels are turned up. Visit the website's "Technical Issues" section for more details or with any questions.

Contrary to the bugs experienced by customers on other websites, CBTF ensures that users have the greatest possible experience from all of its services, particularly the live match online feature.