Australia One Day Cricket Cup

Australia Domestic One-Day competition is a limited-overs cricket tournament which is hosted every on the grounds of Australia. This limited overs edition of the cricket tournament started in 1969-70.

Currently, the tournament is addressed as the ‘Marsh One-Day Cup for 2022-23 season and Cricket Australia is the administering body for this cricket tournament.

Usually, the game is played in a round robin format, including a final series. In its inaugural season, the tournament was played in a knockout format. All the matches are played in One-Day format that includes 50 overs in each inning.

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History of Australia One Day Cricket

England hosts the Gillette Cup of which the first match was played in 1963. In response to this, Australia started One Day Cricket and it became the 2nd nation to conduct one-day cricket matches.

This tournament is also differentiated being the first List A competition to characterize the numbers of the players on their backs, being introduced in 1995. The champions of the 2021-22 season of Australia One Day Cup are currently, New South Wales.

In the history of this cricket tournament, the Western Australia is the most successful team, bagging 14 championship titles.

Matches In the Tournament

The matches in One Day Cricket are played in a round-robin format that follows a final round. Previously, it was a knockout tournament and a total of 22 matches were played in the tournament.

In the competition whichever team wins, gets 4 points with losing sides getting 0. If there is tie or draw in a match, then both the participating teams get 2 two points each. If either of the team plays at a strike rate of 1.25 times more than their opponents, then they are awarded the bonus points.

Participating Teams In One Day Cricket In Australia

The domestic cricket tournament in Australia is hosted among the 6 teams from 6 different states. Though there are some teams who played for a short span in this tournament.

The New Zealand national team is one of them and have appeared in many early editions of the cricket tournament. Another squad represented the Australian Capital Territory for a limited time in the late 1990s. In the queue, Cricket Australia XI has also played as the 7th team for 3 seasons in between 2015-16.

Here is the list of teams appeared in One Day Cricket Cup

State/Territory Nickname Home Ground City
1. New South Wales Blues Sydney Cricket Ground Sydney
2. Queensland Bulls Brisbane Cricket Ground Brisbane
3. South Australia Redbacks Adelaide Oval Adelaide
4. Tasmania Tigers Bellerive Oval Hobart
5. Victoria Bushrangers Melbourne Cricket Ground Melbourne
6. Western Australia Warriors WACA Ground Perth

The name of the Australian Domestic One Day Cricket has been frequently renamed based on the sponsorship in that specific season. The recent tournament was named as Marsh One Day Cup for 2019-20 edition.

Here is the list of names and format of all the tournament matches hosted so far:

  • 1969/70–1978/79 – Straight knockout.

  • 1979/80–1981/82s – 2 pools of 3, semi-finals, 3rd/4th playoff and final.

  • 1982/83–1991/92 – 2 pools of 3, semi-finals and final

  • 1992/93–1999/2000 – Single round robin (i.e. home OR away), preliminary final and final

  • 2000/01–2010/11 – Double round robin home and away plus final.

  • 2011/12–2012/13 – Partial round robin (8 matches per team, 3 of 5 opponents played both home and away), plus final.

  • 2013/14 – Carnival format, 6 round games, preliminary final and final.

  • 2014/15 –Carnival format, 7 round games, preliminary final and final.

  • 2015/16–2017/18 – Carnival format, 8 round games, preliminary final and final.

  • 2018/19 – Single round robin, 2 qualification finals, 2 semi-finals and final.

  • 2019/20 – Present – Carnival format, 7 round games and final.

Here is the list of winners of Australian Domestic One-Day Cup:

Series/Tournament Season Winner
V & G Australasian Knock-Out Competition 1969/70 New Zealand
V & G Australasian Knock-Out Competition 1970/71 West Aust
Coca-Cola Australasian Knock-Out Competition2014-15 1971/72 Victoria
Coca-Cola Australasian Knock-Out Competition 1972/73 New Zealand
Gillette Cup (Australia) 1973/74 West Aust
Gillette Cup (Australia) 1974/75 New Zealand
Gillette Cup (Australia) 1975/76 Queensland
Gillette Cup (Australia) 1976/77 West Aust
Gillette Cup (Australia) 1977/78 West Aust
Gillette Cup (Australia) 1978/79 Tasmania
McDonald’s Cup 1979/80 Victoria
McDonald’s Cup 1980/81 Queensland
McDonald’s Cup 1981/82 Queensland
McDonald’s Cup 1982/83 West Aust
McDonald’s Cup 1983/84 South Aust
McDonald’s Cup 1984/85 NSW
McDonald’s Cup 1985/86 West Aust
McDonald’s Cup 1986/87 South Aust
McDonald’s Cup 1987/88 NSW
FAI Cup 1988/89 Queensland
FAI Cup 1989/90 West Aust
FAI Cup 1990/91 West Aust
FAI Cup 1991/92 NSW
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1992/93 NSW
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1993/94 NSW
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1994/95 Victoria
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1995/956 Queensland
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1996/97 West Aust
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1997/98 Queensland
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1998/99 Victoria
Mercantile Mutual Cup 1999/00 West Aust
Mercantile Mutual Cup 2000/01 NSW
ING Cup 2001/02 NSW
ING Cup 2002/03 NSW
ING Cup(in Australia) 2003/04 West Aust
ING Cup(in Australia) 2004/05 Tasmania
ING Cup(in Australia) 2005/06 NSW
Ford Ranger One Day Cup(in Australia) 2006/07 Queensland
Ford Ranger One Day Cup(in Australia) 2007/08 Tasmania
Ford Ranger Cup(in Australia) 2008/09 Queensland
Ford Ranger Cup(in Australia) 2009/10 Tasmania
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2010/11 South Aust
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2011/12 Queensland
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2012/13 Queensland
Ryobi One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2013/14 Victoria
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2014/15 West Aust
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2015/16 NSW
Matador BBQs One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2016/17 NSW
JLT One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2017/18 West Aust
JLT One-Day Cup (in Australia) 2018/20 Victoria
The Marsh Cup (in Australia) 2020/21 West Aust


Summing Up 

Australia One Day Cricket is one of the limited overs tournaments which is conducted in Australian grounds. The name of the tournament is frequently changed with the sponsorships in every season. Being a reputed domestic cricket tournament, it brings huge monetary opportunities for the bettors and you can get free cricket betting tips from our experts. 

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