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Evolution Of Women’s Cricket Over The Years | CBTF

Evolution Of Women’s Cricket Over The Years 

Even though women have scored runs just as far as men did, the game has always been associated with “male” sports. Women cricket match have advanced significantly in recent years, as demonstrated by the just-finished Women’s Champions Trophy that was played in New Zealand. Both the performance and the reputation of women’s cricket have improved. 

Over the past several decades, there have been significant changes to women’s cricket. Because of the advent and widespread influence of technology, as well as the rise in specialization and the beginning of greater global competitiveness, this change appears to have advanced more lately. Gradually growing attendance has increased revenue, which has improved the caliber of sports and their presentation. The days of competing as enthusiasts solely for the passion for the game are long gone. 

Today’s female cricketers are specialists, and that is just. However, it wasn’t always like this. Women’s cricket was once having trouble attracting fans and investors. These have been instances where clubs have withdrawn from World Championships due to economic issues. Let’s have a glimpse at the evolution and development of women’s cricket over the ages.

The Starting Point 

Even though the first known women’s cricket match took place in the 18th century, the National Women’s Cricket Association was established in England in 1924. The very first worldwide games took place when England visited Australia in 1934–1935, 10 years after New Zealand and Australia established their respective organizations, thanks to this worldwide impact. 

In 2 of the 3 games, England prevailed. The International Women’s Cricket Authority was formed in 1958 as a result of the ongoing expansion of global cricket. There must have been initially 5 people, but the number kept rising. When India’s first women’s cricket organization was established in 1973, India became a member. 

The World Cup 

In the same way that the first Champions trophy was conducted in 1973 and the initial Men’s World Championship was staged in 1975, so the Women’s league began its World Cup before the Men’s. The Men’s World Championship, however, had advanced by the moment the fourth Champions trophy was hosted in 1988 as a result of its abnormalities. 

Even so, the Women’s World Cup has been a triumph, particularly in recent years, and there have been 12 International Games to date with three separate champions. The most recent was in 2022, with Australia coming out on top. The organizations for men’s and women’s cricket in various countries began to combine. The Global Women’s Cricket Commission ended up turning over management of women’s world cricket to the International Cricket Council in 2005. (ICC).

In 2009, the inaugural Women’s T20 Championship took place concurrently with the Men’s Cricket World Cup. The women’s game was played even before men’s sports in the quarters and semis. This was viewed as a strategy for increasing audience numbers and media attention. 

This was not the situation for very long because the 2018 Women’s T20 Champions Trophy in the Windies was staged separately from the men’s World Cup, which put an end to the excessive reliance on the men’s games to attract viewers and media attention. That has persisted ever since.

Adding A Shorter Format 

Cricket’s reputation has reached new levels since the T20 concept was adopted. T20 cricket also increased interest in and popularity of women’s cricket. New Zealand versus England, the first global women’s T20 game was played in 2004. Whenever the women’s version of the Big Bash franchisee league was introduced, it significantly increased interest in women’s cricket. 

The very first Female T20 World Cup was held at ICC in 2009. The men’s championship and the tournament were going on simultaneously. Following the men’s event, the quasi and ultimate matches were played, which contributed to drawing more viewers to the women’s tournament. Consequently, the Women’s T20 Cup Final received more press attention and recognition.

The 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup 

The Women’s 50-over Championship, which was held in 2022 and ended on April 3rd, represented the most recent Champions League Final. The 12th World Cup took place in New Zealand this time around. To win the Champions League for a record-tying seventh time, Australia crushed England in the championship game. The event was originally scheduled to take place in February or March of 2021, but the virus forced a one-year postponement. 

The number of teams competing was eight, which was identical to that of the past incident. Each club played every other team once throughout the League format games, and the four largest teams at the conclusion advanced to the quarterfinal. South Africa, West Indies, Australia, England, and England played it to the semifinals. 

This one was India’s tenth campaign in the Women’s International World Cup, which included them in the World Championships. They haven’t ever won the competition, though, and they also lost this time around in the group phase. India placed fifth in the group phase, one point short of making it to the semifinals.

Getting Sponsors’ Attention

Due to the high attendance at each game, the cash prize for women’s cricket is likewise comparable to that given to men’s cricket. This has increased interest in sponsorships in female cricket. The prize pool for the 2020 T20 world championship was $1 million for each of the men’s and women’s competitions. The winnings for the 50-over World Championships will also be equal for men and women, according to the ICC. 

What’s Next 

Over the past few years, women’s cricket has undergone a tremendous transformation both as a sport and as an organization. Remembering that these competitors’ participation is the product of generations of women fighting to assert their ability to compete at the greatest levels of the sport as we see the greatest of them take the field is important as we witness the greatest of these performers.

Wrapping Off

The women cricket match is gradually but certainly gaining pace with the fast pace and contributing more significant events to the game, although the bulk of notable and momentous happenings in cricket was produced by the male side. The women cricket match is already gaining popularity and has recently risen to greater levels. Women’s cricket is becoming more and more famous and gains from the same things as male baseball as a result of the advancement of the sport.


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