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Top ‘5’ Female Cricket Commentators From Around the World | CBTF

Cricket is a sport we all follow, at least most of us. There is something about this sport that can keep you hooked like no other. No matter where you are and what you are doing, you will somehow find the time to check the latest scores and hear about the latest events regarding the matches. People find cricket matches engaging due to many reasons, like the adrenaline rush; people also enjoy this sport specifically because they get to bet on it where they can make money quickly, this sport can give people the opportunity to bond etc., but another thing that makes this sport a fan favourite and keeps your attention is the commentary.

The job of commentators is not just limited to cricket as a sport. A commentator’s function is to provide more insights, detailed knowledge, and, predictably, commentary on recent issues. Politics is not their only topic of conversation; they can also talk about almost everything, including modern media, sports, economics, estate development etc.  A sports commentator in sports broadcasting provides an in-depth description of a game or event, particularly during a television telecast, and generally does it in the historical present tense.

The job of a commentator is quite challenging, especially now because people’s attention span keeps reducing every day and catching their attention for a prolonged period will have to be exceptionally good at what they do. You will find a lot of good commentators in the world of cricket alone. Whether you are watching an all-men’s cricket match or a women match, you will find some noteworthy commentators who will impress you among the crowd. Now that we have mentioned women, we must say that there are some extraordinary women commentators in cricket. Many can easily steal the spotlight, but today, we will discuss the five best female cricket commentators who might want to know about it! Trust us, without good commentary; the game would lose much of its charm and excitement.

5 Of The Best Female Cricket Commentators In The World 

This list will not be limited to only commentators from India but from worldwide, so buckle up for a versatile list! You might have heard of them or seen them in many women match or any other.

  1.     Anjum Chopra

The first we have on the list is the 45-year-old Indian former cricketer Anjum Chopra. She has had many achievements in the world of cricket as a player with over 3000 ODI runs. She now is also contributing a lot as an excellent and well-established commentator. Talk about all-rounders, and Anjum Chopra is a name that has to come to your mind. She mostly comments and shares insights on cricket bets and gigs, including the Indian Premier League. What makes her commentary even better is her plethora of knowledge about the field and years of satisfactory experience, which have only refined with time.

  1.     Ebony Rainford Brent

Next on the list of the best female cricket commentators, we have another noteworthy commentator, aka the 38-year-old English former cricketer who is now a well-established commentator. The best part about her is that she was the first black woman who ever played for England. She did not play for a very long time but was present as a player during the England World Cup women’s match back in 2009. She is currently working as a commentator with Sky Sports and an expert in the field.

  1.     Alison Mitchell

Third, on the list, we have the well-known, well-established commentator and broadcaster who has been seen in various men’s and women’s matches since 2007. What adds to her name is that she was the first women commentator on the Test Match Special of BBC regularly and frequently. However, she has not stopped at cricket as an established commentator but has also done some outstanding commentaries in other sports.

  1.   Charlotte Edwards

Second, last on the list, we have another former English cricketer, the 42 years old Charlotte Edwards. Now her scores and achievements will leave you astonished. She was the first women cricketer who scored 1000 runs and took 50 wickets in the ODI women match. She shifted to the commentary field shortly after retiring from cricket in 2017 and has made her stand there ever since. Very recently, there was a match called the Charlotte Edwards Cup, named af ter the former cricket player as a homage to her.

  1.    Isa Guha

Winding up with a bang, we probably have one of the most famous female cricket commentators, the 37-year-old Isa Guha, also called Isa Tara Guha. She is one of the most well-known and best commentators worldwide. She has had many establishments as a commentator throughout her career. However, one of the most prominent was that she was the first woman to commentate on the Indian Test Series for Star Sports. She also has many similar achievements, but the list is quite long. Let’s not forget that Isa, too, was a former cricket player and played matches for over a decade. She is not only the number one commentator but was also named the number one bowler in 2008.

 Wrapping Up 

Talk about women making us proud in all circles of life, and their names shall always come up! Every day you hear more and more women making a place for themselves in various fields, and cricket is one of them. Whether we talk about the best women cricketers who play extraordinarily well in women’s matches and make their teams and countries proud or commentators we just spoke about. Women have now left no field untouched. Imagine so many women making a place in a sport formerly called the gentleman’s game. What an irony. Over the past few years, women’s cricket has had several exciting breakthroughs. A once-male-dominated sport has become nearly exclusively dominated by women, whether they are competing as players, administrators, or broadcasters. Women commentators have had a severe influence and are well-established among game lovers.

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