Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League is poised to resume, and while there are a few obstacles to overcome (COVID, player availability, travel restrictions), the competition ought to be able to proceed without incident. The PSL is unquestionably among the world's top T20 competitions. The draft procedure ensures that the teams are always evenly matched and that the cricket is always of the highest calibre.

From a betting standpoint, this is something you need to keep in mind. The balance of power can quickly change from one season to the next since the draft gives teams that placed last the opportunity to try to strengthen their squads.

Let's try to analyze the teams and hunt for betting opportunities in the PSL league.

PSL 2022 Betting Preview

PSL 2022 Winner

Favorites: Karachi Kings (4.33)

The shortest odds are being offered by all the top betting companies on the Karachi Kings winning the PSL in 2022. The Karachi Kings won the competition in 2020 and were a serious contender in the PSL in 2021, but they came in fourth place after the table stage and lost the Eliminator.

Babar Azam finished PSL T20 2021 as the player with the most runs, and Sharjeel Khan also had a significant effect. We don't believe they have taken any steps to improve the remainder of the batting this season, which also underperformed.

Although the Karachi Kings' squad includes Joe Clarke, Mohammad Nabi, and a few talented all-rounders, we simply don't believe that they will be able to succeed by relying solely on their opening combination to produce runs in each game.

The Karachi Kings' bowling attack is quite strong, but that appears to be the norm for every club. Although Imad Wasim, Mohammad Amir, and Romario Shepherd are on the team and will keep the Kings competitive, we do believe that the depth of bowling resources has been slightly impacted.

Simply put, we do not now see the value in betting on the Karachi Kings.

Our pick: Peshawar Zalmi (5.50)

Last season, Peshawar Zalmi came awfully close to winning the championship but ultimately fell short. This time, we believe they have the team to mount another significant challenge and perhaps even prevail.

Peshawar Zalmi, like most PSL clubs, boasts a potent bowling attack, but not every side has the batting depth necessary to mount a credible threat over the course of a full season.

We think Peshawar Zalmi can set itself out from the competition in this area.

The squad included Tom Kohler-Cadmore, Liam Livingstone, Hazratullah Zazai, Kamran Akmal, Sherfane Rutherford, Shoaib Malik, Rahmatullah Gurbaz, and Haider Ali. Having this level of batting ability at your disposal is impressive.

Arshad Iqbal, Usman Qadir, and Wahab Riaz are the top three bowlers in the team.

We believe Peshawar Zalmi could be the team to beat in PSL T20 2022 if they can get off to a solid start.

About the PSL

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, the Pakistan Super League is a professional Twenty20 league. This league was established near the end of 2015, and a deal was made to keep it going for at least 10 years.

The PSL is run by the Pakistan Cricket Board, and it has six teams. Despite having a Pakistani base, the inaugural season was not held there. Additionally, a sizable portion of the league's players are non-Pakistani, and not all of the league's teams are controlled by Pakistani entities.

Contrary to expectations for a league based in Pakistan, Pakistani players do not typically dominate top-flight cricket. Due to its diversity, the league receives a lot of attention from fans all over the world.

Politicians in Pakistan are attempting to make it more of domestic success, and they intend to host every game at home starting in 2019.


The Pakistan Super League consists of just six teams, and each of them signs players using a draft system. This approach differs slightly from those employed by other significant cricket leagues and is more akin to the NFL draft system employed in other significant American sports. As a result, each player is given a draft number that designates the round in which they will be made accessible. Then, in each round, the clubs select one player, with the stronger players often being available in the first round. High-priced auctions are not necessary with this technique.

Each team plays games in a double round-robin format during the PSL season, which takes place between the months of February and March. This implies that every team plays every other team twice.

The playoffs, which include the PSL cricket league final as the title game, are open to the top four teams with the best record.

First and second place has an edge over the third and fourth place under the playoff system. As shown below:


Six teams compete in the PSL, as was previously mentioned:

Islamabad United

Karachi Kings

Lahore Qalandars

Multan Sultans

Peshawar Zalmi

Quetta Gladiators


In September 2015, the Pakistan Super League was announced, and the first season began in early 2016. Rameez Raja and Wasim Akram, two renowned former cricket captains of Pakistan, were early advocates for the league and will continue to be so at least until 2018.

The Pakistan national team had been based in the United Arab Emirates since attacks on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, despite the fact that the league's five teams represent Pakistani cities. The players of the five teams in the Pakistan Super League came from over a dozen different nations, making it a very diversified league from the start.

The Pakistan Cricket Board claims that there was no lack of interest in the league's individual franchises and that they started accepting bids for the league's five teams less than a month after it was announced. The holding company ARY Media Group, which has its headquarters in Dubai but is owned by a Pakistani businessman, made the largest payment. Given that Karachi is the world's largest and most populous city and is expected to have a sizable following, they spent $26 million on the Karachi Knights.

The Lahore Qalandars, situated in Lahore, was purchased for a bit less by a corporation from Qatar, and Nadeem Omar's Quetta Gladiators were purchased for the least amount of money. The Islamabad United team was far from the most costly at $15 million, but they went on to win the first Pakistan Super League after defeating the Quetta Gladiators in the championship game played at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

All of the franchises were bought for a decade.

PCB Multan was purchased by Schön Properties on June 1st, 2017, for $5.2 million annually, making them the most expensive PSL franchise. However, due to financial concerns, PCB cancelled its rights on November 12th, 2018. On December 20th, 2017, PCB opened the bidding process and resold the "6th team" to the Ali Tareen consortium after receiving $6.35 million for a seven-year proposal that was accepted.

Peshawar Zalmi won the 2017 Pakistan Super League after defeating Quetta Gladiators on March 5 in Lahore. Islamabad United, who won the championship on March 25, 2018, in Karachi, are the current winner.

A domestic league in Pakistan called the Pakistan Super League is highly comparable to the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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Pakistan Super League 2023

A professional Twenty20 cricket competition called the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was created in 2015. It is one of the top professional cricket leagues in the nation. Only when a sixth team was introduced in 2018 the league had 5 teams. Investors individually own and influence the teams.

According to data from the Pakistan Cricket Board, it made a significant profit of $2.6 million in its inaugural season (PCB).

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Pakistan Cricket Board

The Pakistan PSL is wholly owned and managed by the Pakistan Cricket Board, and it coordinates and oversees Pakistan's national cricket team's travels and contests. The board was set up in 1949, following the British Empire's declaration that Pakistan would become an independent dominion. PSL games have recently been played in Pakistan, primarily in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Habib Bank Limited (HBL), Pakistan's largest bank by assets, is its sole sponsor. The original contract, for three years (2016–2018), was for $5 million per year. According to the PSL betting tips, the sponsorship amount was increased to $14.3 million per year of the contract, which was extended for three years (2019–2021).


In 2018, a sixth club, the Multan Sultans, made their PSL debut.

A domestic league in Pakistan called the Pakistan Super League is highly comparable to the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) and the Indian Premier League (IPL).

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About PSL 2023 – Pakistan Cricket League

For PSL 2023, the competition returns to four locations, limited to just two during the prior two iterations of the Covid-19 pandemic. It entails the return of Multan and Rawalpindi to the lineup for the 34-game tournament that runs until March 19.

Four of the six PSL teams will play at least five home games thanks to the tournament's design, which is advantageous for the Qalandards, Sultans, Karachi Kings, and Islamabad United. Ten league games between Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi will be split among the four primary locations.

PSL 2023 will be played in a caravan format, with the qualifier, two eliminators, and final at Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium. The first leg of matches will be played in Multan and Karachi from February 13 to February 26. The second leg will be played in Lahore and Rawalpindi from February 27 to March 19.

Multiple doubleheaders have been scheduled to fit the tournament's specified window. However, night games in Multan have been planned for 6 PM, with games in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Karachi commencing at 7 PM. All afternoon games across the four locations will begin at 2 PM local time.

As requested by the teams, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced the enlargement of each roster to 20 players, an intriguing change from the previous seasons. Each PSL team may select two supplemental players, and the Replacement Draft is planned for January 24.

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PSL 2023 Squads – Latest Pak League Betting Tips

If we were to discuss PSL Squads 2023 regarding the Pakistan Super League, we would mention that they will be playing in the eighth season of the 2020 Pakistan Cricket League under the Pakistan Super Tournament.

No team will be allowed to sign more players before the draught because it will be over in December 2023. Yes, they have one advantage over these eight guys: they can make any required roster adjustments.

PSL 2023 Auction – PSL Betting

Various announcements regarding the PSL auction 2023 and the PSL schedule 2023 have been made. This information indicates that preparations are being made for more than 34 matches that will take place on Thursday in Pakistan.

As far as we know, PSL 2023 Auction has been completed. Per PSL 2023 Auction, the first match of this competition will take place at National Stadium Karachi, while the second half of the match is scheduled to take place at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore.

However, it is also becoming known that more than 34 matches will be played per the PSL calendar, which is scheduled to take place in January and February, as stated in the PSL 2023 auction. PSL supporters are excited as a result of this.

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Countries Broadcast Pakistan Super League

The vast number of nations where the Pakistan Super League is televised makes it easier than ever to watch your favorite cricket matches. The following nations offer the game on their respective networks:

· Pakistan

· Afghanistan

· Australia

· Bangladesh

· Canada

· Caribbean

· Europe

· India

· Kenya

· Middle East

· North Africa

· New Zealand

· South Africa

· Sri Lanka

· United Kingdom

· United Arab Emirates

· Zimbabwe

· World Internet Rights 

Teams in Pakistan Super League

Below are the teams that are part of the Pakistan league. You can bet on these with Pakistan Premier League betting tips.

Islamabad United - One of the initial five original PSL teams is Islamabad United (IU). Due to its several championships, it is the league's most successful team, and it earned two crowns when it won the championship in the first and third seasons. They have a 57.95% winning success percentage, which is the second-highest.

Karachi Kings - The second most costly franchise in the league is Karachi Kings, purchased by ARY Media Group for $26 million. With 42.68%, it has the fourth-highest victory percentage. In the second and third PSL seasons, it finished third.

Lahore Qalandars – Lahore Qalandars (LQ), sold for $25.1 million for ten years, is the third most expensive franchise, and it is one of the rare teams sold to a global organization.

In the previous four PSL seasons, LQ finished last in the points standings. It has a 30.55% winning success rate and has already played 36 games, winning 10 while losing 24.

Multan Sultans – The league's newest team, the Multan Sultans, joined in 2018. Due to the $41.6 million price tag and 8-year contract, it is the most expensive franchise in the league.

Its winning percentage is 36.84%. It had participated in 20 games, winning 7 and losing 12. Shoaib Malik leads the team in runs scored, and Junaid Khan leads the team in wickets taken.

Peshawar Zalmi – With 20 overs, Peshawar Zalmi won the PSL tournament for season 2. In its victory over the Quetta Gladiators, it had a winning margin of 58 runs. Kamran "Pocket Rocket" Akmal, their leading run-scorer, won player of the competition in the same year.

Quetta Gladiators – With 17.5 overs, Quetta Gladiators won the league in the fourth season. They triumphed over Peshawar Zalmi by 8 wickets. In the same year, their player Shane Watson won tournament player of the year.

Their winning percentage is 61.90%. They have previously competed in 43 games, winning 26 and losing 16.

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Tournament Format

Every February through March, clubs compete in the league phase of the Pakistan Super League, which is a double round-robin in nature. The top four performing teams will advance to the playoffs, and teams that advance to the playoff round will play in the PSL Cup Final.

Awards in Pakistan Super League – PSL Betting Tips

Players of the season receive several honors in addition to the championship trophy and tournament trophy. The Pakistan Super League also offers the following prizes:

Hanif Mohammad - The season's top run scorer receives a green cap and the Hanif Mohammad trophy. The winner of Pakistan PSL receives the cap following the conclusion of the final game, while the player with the highest run score wears it the entire game.

Fazal Mahmood - The season's top wicket-taker receives a maroon cap and the Fazal Mahmood trophy. The winner of this continuous contest receives the cap following the conclusion of the final game, while the player with the highest run score wears it the entire game.

Imtiaz Ahmed – The top wicket-keeper of the season, the Pak league is recognized with the Imtiaz Ahmed trophy.

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