The Hundred is a professional cricket franchise that is played with a 100-ball cricket tournament. The series involves 8 men’s and 8 women’s teams from the major cities across the cities across England and Wales. 

England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) operates this cricket tournament which was first held in July and August in 2021. 

The format of The Hundred series was invented, living up the expectations for the players that each match stretches up to two-and-a-half hours. BBC broadcasted these matches for free while all of the women’s matches and a few men’s matches streamed for free on the youtube channel of the Sky Sports. 

Nearly all the matches take place as back-to-back double-headers on the same day at the same venue. In The Hundred series, the salaries of the male players are four times higher than the female cricketers. 

History of The Hundred 

The Hundred is a cricket tournament which is a new city-based T20 competition. It is similar to the Indian Premier League (IPL). This particular series was proposed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in September 2016. 

Following the discussions in the starting stage between the 18 first class counties, the Professional Cricekter’s Association (PCA) and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), they voted 16-3 to develop the competition. 

In April 2017, the members of the ECB were voted by 38-3 to progress the new competition. The idea of switching the competition from establishing the T20 format to a wholly new cricket form was proposed by the chief of ECB, Sanjay Patel. 

The former England player and Northern Superchargers head coach, Dani Hazell said that the tournament is expected to help with investment into the women’s regional structure and it would be a great learning experience for the domestic players as well. 

The Hundred in cricket is a limited overs cricket tournament which is played by two teams with each playing single innings consisting 100 balls of gameplay that last up to 2.5 hours.  

Format of The Hundred 

  • 100 balls per innings are delivered. 

  • A change of ends after 10 balls. 

  • Bowlers deliver either five or 10 consecutive balls.

  • Each bowler gets to deliver a maximum of 20 balls per match.

  • Each bowling side gets a strategic time-out of up to 2.5 minutes. 

  • A 25-ball power play starts for each team. 

  • Two fielders are allowed outside the initial 30-yard circle during the powerplay session. 

  • The non-striker must return to their original end after getting dismissed. 

  • No-balls are worth 2runs and a free hit. 

  • Slow over-rates are penalized by one fewer fielder getting permitted outside the ring for playing the final over. 

The Structure of Hundred 

The Hundred features eight teams overall. Each team plays four home games, four away games, a bonus match against their closest competitor, and 32 matches total throughout the first league stage.

The top three clubs participate in the playoffs to determine the tournament's overall winner after the league round is concluded. The club that won the league advances directly to the championship game, while the teams who finished second and third compete for a spot in the grand finale in the semifinal.

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The Hundred vs. T20 Cricket – What’s the Difference?

There are numerous new laws and guidelines that you must understand.

We have created a table that contrasts The Hundred with Twenty20 (T20) cricket to help make things a little clearer.


The Hundred


Each innings is made up 100 balls

A T20 innings comprises 120 balls

The fielding team changes ends after ten balls

Each over is made up six balls

Bowlers deliver either five or ten consecutive balls

Bowlers deliver six balls to complete the over

Each bowler gets a maximum of 20 balls per game

A T20 bowler has a maximum of 24 deliveries per game (four overs)

Powerplay restrictions are active during the first 25 balls of the innings

The first six overs of a T20 innings are the mandatory powerplay

Matches last around 2hrs 30mins

Games usually take roughly three hours

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In addition to a number of other modifications, the new competition has done away with the traditional over in favor of five- or ten-ball bowling spells.

Additionally, there are new fielding constraints, powerplay durations, and bowling regulations to get acclimated to.

Tips for Betting 

There are several basic actions you must do if you wish to bet on The Hundred and win money. Make sure you go over the fundamental stages listed below before we get into the more complex Hundred betting tips.

  • Choose a wagering site.

  • Recognize the Format's Details

  • Study the Players and Teams

  • Understand Your Gambling Options

  • Prepare Your Betting Techniques

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