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CBTF Guides You on How to Win Sports Betting

We all wonder how cricket betting happens? Which are the trusted online betting sites? What are the terms used in betting? And what not. 

To answer all your questions, we at CBTF have developed a talented team of researchers who study the previous matches and analyze the performances of each player in each match and devise favorable strategies for further predictions in upcoming matches. And guide the betters on how to win sports betting.

There are certain easy ways to win sports betting that are highlighted below:

  • Firstly, an individual has to invest a lot of time and energy in studying and researching various aspects of betting and then devising the best cricket betting tips. This task is majorly done by our team of experts in online cricket.
  • To start with betting one must be well versed with the terminologies used in the online betting world. For instance: 
  1. Action: A bet
  2. Bad Beat: A bet that looks bettor is going to win but doesn’t
  3. Book: A place where someone can bet on the outcome of sporting events
  4. Against the spread: The result of the game including the spread
  5. Cover: The betting outcome on a point spread bet

And many more like chalk, consensus etc.

  • Open a specific account for betting, this way you can make real money in betting and feel dedicated. And, always try to maintain a minimum balance in your account.
  • Create your account on CBTF, the best betting site, and place smarter bets on a regular basis.
  • Each of your bet should represent 1 or 2 percent of your bankroll and reduce this bet to 0.5% if you’re not confident enough on a particular bet or increase it to 5% if you are confident enough.
  • Always try to create a schedule instead of betting on every match. Choose a match judiciously and understand the odds, spreads and team members, if they look promising then decide to bet.
  • Avoid chasing bad bets. If you have made losses in one or two bets, don’t look to convert them into profits in further bets, it may lead to more losses. Instead, wait, study and place bets that have potential.
  • Choose at least three betting sites that will be easier for you to compare and make well informed decisions.
  • Understand the money lines. Iit is a plus/minus number associated with each team involved in a particular match and referring to how much you have to bet to win a particular amount, say Rs. 100 or how much you will if you bet Rs. 100.
  • Know about the point spreads. In point spread betting, you not only bet on who will win, rather the team which will win by a specific number of scores.
  • Learn about Parlays- this involves multiple types of bets on the same game. For example: combining money line bet and point spread bet in the same game that would be called a parlay bet.

CBTF helps in suggesting best cricket betting tips. By learning excellent betting strategies like choose the best money lines that are offered from different betting sites, make bets based on odds, bet freely on an underdog as well when the odds are right and most importantly take advantage of matched betting. Place bet on both the teams and take advantage of bonuses and incentives offered.

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