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Cricket Betting Tips for Online Bettors | CBTF Tips

Cricket Betting Tips for Online Bettors

Are you wondering to bet on cricket online, but not sure how? Well, you are at the right place. 

There is no doubt, that cricket is one of the most played & loved sports, an edge-of-the-seat entertainer in the true sense. That’s one of the reasons online bettors keep a constant eye on the lookout for lucrative betting odds and explore a wide range of betting options. This becomes super exciting as online betting is delivering a thrilling experience regularly. 

With that said, we are here to let you know about cricket betting tips online to become a master in betting. 

So, let’s move on.

The Variations of Cricket Bets

Betting became exciting when online bettors found new betting opportunities to explore. To play a smart bet, you need to know the place you can bet on these 3 cricket formats:

  1. Test Cricket – Test Cricket, one of the original formats of the game, has a five-day maximum playing time. A four-inning game requires 11 players per team and many hours of play. Cricket gamblers and fans love test cricket because each session of a test match offers the thrill of wagering on an unpredictable result.
  2. ODI – A limited-overs game called One Day International consists of two teams playing for about eight hours to determine the winner. There are 11 players on each of the two opposing teams’ lineups. This format is used every four years to organize the ODI World Cup.
  3. T20 – One of the most well-liked Cricket variants worldwide is Twenty20 Cricket, or simply T20. The T20 format is used for the IPL or Indian Premier League. Each team has a 20-over maximum during T20 games.

Best Ways to Put Bets on Cricket Leagues & Matches

Understand Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket-betting odds show the likelihood that a particular result will occur. You must understand how to make a sensible bet if you want to win big in live cricket betting.

Fractions and decimals are the two standard representations for betting odds. While decimals are much more prevalent in Asian nations, fractions are more common in the UK and Ireland.

Making an Evaluation

To increase your chances of winning big, you must research the sport, leagues, a player’s historical performances, and betting opportunities. Start by carefully examining the odds, prior games, and performance of the team you intend to wager on throughout the previous season. Some significant elements that may have an impact on your betting success include:

  • Pitch & ground’s quality
  • Weather condition
  • Ranking & rating of a team
  • Player transfer
  • In-play variables
  • Coin-toss

Examine Ranking & Rating

To make the optimal wager for any form of cricket, we advise players to consult the player/team statistics and ranking charts.

Team Experience

The team’s collective experience has a significant impact on the final score. Anything from the playing surface to the opposition team could be the cause. Unpreparedness for the playing style of the adversary could work against a team.

Batsman Experience

Every batsman experiences many periods during their careers. Younger batsmen might succeed in shorter-form competitions like T20 Cricket, but they might lack the experience necessary for competitions of a longer duration, such as ODIs or tests. You don’t want to wager on a dangerous player and end up getting stumped, so pick a batsman prudently.

Bowlers Experience

Imagine the effect on a bowler’s confidence of a poor targeting decision when trying to exploit a batsman’s weakness. Thus, before placing a wager on a cricket match, it’s crucial to consider factors like the bowler’s experience. This is an important point for bettors to bear in mind, whether it’s before the game or during it.

Manage Bankroll

Cricket bettors can choose from a variety of markets. It is advised that gamblers spread their wagers out while keeping a tight eye on their bankroll. This aids in developing into a trustworthy bettor.

Time of the Day

For Test cricket betting, this is very crucial. The game will be harder for the batters than the bowlers in a day-night test match. In day-night test matches, the pink ball is frequently worn out and swings in the light. Our online cricket betting tips consider the time of day because it affects other cricket forms as well.

Types of Cricket Betting Markets

There are different markets when it comes to betting cricket tips, offering different ways to bet. 

  • Cricket league betting
  • Tournament Outright Winner
  • Tournament Best Bowler
  • Series Betting
  • Series Winner
  • Series Score
  • Match Bets
  • Match Winner
  • Tied Match
  • Innings Run
  • Player Bets
  • Man of the Match
  • Top Bowler
  • Top Batsman
  • Top Bowler’s team
  • Top Batsman’s Team
  • Bowler Match Bets
  • Batsman Match Bets
  • Propositions Bets
  • Over/Under Bets
  • Toss Winner
  • Odd/Even Runs


Betting on cricket is not the game of kids. You need to use your knowledge and put your mind to live cricket betting online. 

For more such helpful information follow us.