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Cricket has tremendous popularity across the globe and before you start live cricket betting tips, you must familiarize yourself with the insights of the sport. In essence, cricket has always been played with the aim to score more than the opponents. Meanwhile, the players showcase their potential, setting several records along the way. 

However, cricket has emerged by being played in different formats that bring its own set of rules and regulations. Online cricket betting is tempting enough for you to place random bets but you should consider the nuances as well while deciding to place the wager. 

This blog entails an in-depth knowledge of the formats of cricket that would narrow down your strategic formulation to place effective bets. 

Cricket Formats to Place the Bets On

  • Test Cricket 

 Test cricket is the original format which was played for the first time in 1877. It extends for five days and it is the ideal format to test an individual player’s ability on the pitch. With that said, it helps the bettors to figure out their target to stake money. 

Key Aspects of Test Cricket 

  • Test cricket takes up five days on the pitch, offering you several options to bet on. 
  • Each participating team on the ground gets two innings to play – twice batting and fielding.
  • Test cricket is not restricted to limited overs. The players can hit as much as they can as it is the ‘unlimited overs’ version. 
  • Despite this format being of unlimited overs, it requires the gameplay of a minimum of 90 overs. 
  • In a single day, the teams exert out to play three 30-over sessions on the pitch. 
  • Amidst these sessions, there is a break of 40 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for tea. You should be careful here to place bets, considering this factor.
  • After 80 overs, the teams get a new ball to take the match towards the end innings. 
  • The players have the liberty to the field anyway in Test cricket. They are not bound to specific rules to follow. 
  • One Day Internationals (ODIs)

ODIs are one of the favourite formats for the bookies as it evaluates the outcome on the same day of the match. Established in 1971, this was the first ‘limited-overs’ version of cricket that provoked the interest of the bettors to earn huge profits out of it. 

Key Aspects of ODIs

  • In the ODI format, each team gets a limited 50 overs to perform beyond their capabilities. 
  • Unlike Test cricket, each bowler in ODI can throw only 10 overs to knock out the batters. 
  • In the ODI format, you’ll see three ‘powerplays’ in each inning. 
  • As there are only two innings in the match, there is only one break in between. 
  • Speaking of domestic matches, some games may comprise 40-60 overs for each team. 
  • T20

Perhaps, the T20 cricket format takes you through a thrilling experience of watching cricket and keeps the strings attached to the game. Being one of the gripping formats, T20 facilitate a maximum of 20 overs per innings for each participating team. 

Evolving as a modern form of cricket, T20 has the hearts of cricket enthusiasts and bettors that bring lucrative opportunities for them.

Key Aspects of T20 

  • In the T20 format, both the batters and the bowlers get the utmost 20 overs to hit and knock out respectively. 
  • Each bowler in the squad can only swing his arms for four overs.
  • Unlike Test cricket, the teams have to follow the fielding restriction rule for the initial six overs where two players are allowed to field outside the circle. 
  • If it’s ‘no ball’, the batter gets a free hit as an added advantage. 
  • To bowl for 20 overs, each team gets 80 minutes to wrap up. 
  • Between the innings, the teams get 15 minutes break. 

Summing Up 

The bookies can leverage the opportunities in above top cricket formats that receive a higher number of bets. There are other cricket formats as well, like The Hundred and The Ashes which the bettors prefer to gamble on. 

If you are a newbie, it can be a bit tricky for you to analyse the right bet that would yield more profit in live cricket betting. Our experts at CBTF betting provide cricket betting tips free that help you place profitable bets. So, what are you waiting for? Get going with us in the online betting market. 

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