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Everything You Need To Know About Free Best Toss Predictions 2022


Every cricket match begins with a meeting of the two team leaders on the field, where they exchange team rosters. The right toss of the coin, with either heads or tails assigned to each side, is then reserved for the home captain. Usually, the away captain gets to pick which side of the coin they want to see. The captain of the team that wins the toss then chooses whether to bowl or bat.

Is it possible to foretell how the cricket toss will turn out? Since there are only two possibilities, the likelihood is 50%, but the upcoming data yields intriguing findings. As serious gamblers, we are more interested in the IPL captains’ actions if they win the toss than the toss itself. Specifically, how can we utilize that information to aid in our cricket match prediction and whether the team captain will opt to bowl or bat?

IPL Toss Prediction: Is It Possible to Predict the Toss? 

Why does the coin toss play such a crucial role in cricket? What advantages does today’s toss-winning team receive? We delve more deeply into the topic in this post than any other online source has.

You’ll learn how the result of the coin toss affects the forecast for the match’s winner. You can see which teams win the toss more frequently than they statistically should by looking at the data we have compiled from the most recent IPL season, as well as what teams prefer to do when they win the toss.

These presumptions allow us to use the data to forecast the match itself. By using the best toss prediction site when predicting cricket matches, it can be developed further. Now that we have a general notion of how successful captains perform not only when winning the toss but also when deciding what course of action to pursue, let’s develop a way to use it to make predictions.

According to cricket traders, elite matches are becoming more and more difficult to price before they know who has won the toss (Sports Spread Betting: An Insider’s Guide by Daniel Townend). Knowing which side will bat or bowl first is a key factor for bookmakers when determining odds, and as a result, they view the team that wins the toss as benefiting.

Although they were based on Test cricket and ODI matches, previous research on the influence of winning the toss demonstrated a little enhancement in a team’s odds of winning. Therefore, we will have an advantage over the bookmakers in securing a higher price than we should have gotten if we can make a second estimate as to which team will win the toss.

Mumbai Indians will be used as an example. We are aware that throughout the 2019 season, Rohit Sharma won 80% of his tosses. Mumbai Indians should be fairly expected to be underpriced a lot of the time if we believe that cricket merchants are slashing the price of the team that wins the toss as soon as the news is made public.

Do the bookmakers have to lower the odds on Mumbai Indians if Sharma wins 80% of the coin tosses? Maybe not, since this was a new trend, so maybe the number isn’t as high. But there is undoubtedly a case to be made for a betting edge in this situation.

We can also use it for other teams. Despite being a fantastic cricketer, Virat Kohli’s toss-win percentage is remarkably low. Once more, there can be circumstances in which Royal Challengers Bangalore is at a “poor price.” The club not only starts favorites more often than their overall record generally warrants but in the 2019 season, their opponents had the edge of making the call more than 80% of the time.

Calculating the best moment to bat or bowl will give us another advantage. We can accomplish this by taking into account the expected team lineups, the weather, the size of the pitch, and the state of the wickets. The results of previous head-to-head matches, as well as other team and match statistics, might also provide insight.

IPL games sometimes begin after midnight; thus, batting second has the advantage of helping the ball accumulate more dew as the game wears on. The dampness causes the bowlers to have a worse grip, which increases the number of faulty deliveries that a batsman can hit.

Therefore, if we determine that batting second could be the best move, games involving any of these four teams—Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjab, and Royal Challengers Bangalore—will be of considerable interest. In 80% of their 2019 matches, each team opted to bowl first.

Wrapping Up

Finding an edge, however little, is essential to betting on cricket and, more specifically, to making money betting on cricket. We can get a slight advantage against bookies who might not have access to this data if we can use it to generate good forecasts, and as a result, we can anticipate matches better. Two essential facts are items we are aware of. First and foremost, winning the toss is crucial, and teams that do tend to have a slight advantage no matter what choice their captain selects.

Second, bookies concur with this and have acknowledged that their odds change based on which team makes the toss. Naturally, we might be able to acquire a better price on the side than the odds that will be available right away if we can guess which team will win the toss.

Some captains have a remarkable track record of winning the toss for whatever reason. Although we should use caution when making generalizations or definite forecasts using this data, it is nevertheless important to take it into account.

The performance of the toss data throughout the postponed and threatened 2020 IPL season would be intriguing to watch. As part of their cricket betting research, we urge punters to keep track of who won the toss and what the captain decided to do during the season.

If you are looking to get more such essential pieces of information about best toss prediction, we at CBTF have got you covered. Stay tuned to the space and get exclusive insights on cricket bettings and predictions with ease!





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