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The Moment of Glory For the Indian Women’s Cricket | CBTF

A historic match is enough to popularize the game all over the country; the 1983 men’s ODI world is a prime example. Team India won their first-ever world cup against the mighty West Indies. The Caribbean used to boss them in the field, and winning against them was a tough task. Kapil Dev was leading the team India, and no one believed that India would win the world cup. The mighty West Indies faced a defeat by 43 runs in the final against India. The belief of millions of people became reality, and everything changed in men’s cricket. We can see the impact of one match after 39 years. Cricket has become a religion in India, and everyone bleeds blue.

The inclusion of Sachin Tendulkar in international cricket has also become the reason for the glory of the team India. He became one of the finest players in cricket and became the motivation to watch cricket for the people. It changed the perspective of people towards cricket all around the world. It also harmed India as they were too dependent on the players like Sachin Tendulkar, and Mohammad Azharuddin. India hardly used to win overseas games. 

The mindset and playing style of Indians changed after Sourav Ganguly took over the captaincy. The aggressive and fearless batter shows the world India is ready to fight, and he is never afraid of teams like Australia & England. India learned how to win overseas matches, and they know how to win the match in their backyard. He prepared the next set of Indian cricket superstars like Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, etc.

Indian women’s cricket has fought for glory for a long time, and they also have the same spirit. One women’s cricket match changed the perspective of people and the quest for glory. The 2017 ICC women’s cricket world cup became the one moment that changed the perspective towards women’s cricket matches. The legendary player Mitali Raj was the leader of the team India. Australia is the strongest team in the women’s cricket world cup, and they also have the maximum world cup trophy. Team India’s win against mighty Australia and Harmanpreet Kaur’s unbeaten knock of 171* changed everything around the women’s cricket match. Mitali Raj and Jhulan Goswami are the biggest reasons for the change in the women’s cricket match. The captain has the maximum run in the worm’s cricket, while the fast bowler has taken the maximum wicket. Young players like Smriti Mandana, Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Punam Raut etc. are showing their skills and are given chances for the people to enjoy the cricket match irrespective of gender. India couldn’t lift the world cup trophy and lost against England by 9 runs. It was hurtful for the Indian, but it was a moment that changed everything. After five years, the loss doesn’t matter because everyone has started supporting women’s cricket in India.


Equal Pay For Women In India

In India, Cricket is like a religion, but the women’s team takes time to make it into the big league. After the 2017 world cup, everything changed, and women’s players started getting recognition. The audience started reaching the stadium for the women’s cricket match. The BCCI has decided to give women’s players the same pay as men’s players. They have come a long way from struggling to getting sponsors for the same pay. It is a huge thing for a woman, country, team, and citizen of India.

In 1970, few women took up cricket, and the women’s cricket association of India was founded in 1973. At the start, the women’s team was struggling to get sponsorship. Mandira Bedi is an actress and icon who helped team India with her paycheck. She gave her money working as an ambassador of the jewelry shop and made sure team India will get the sponsorship in 2003-2005.

BCCI has announced the same pay and opened a path for more success in the future. Australia and England were given the same pay as their teams and are also the most successful teams. BCCI announced the same pay for the player from October 2022. The paycheck of women’s cricket has increased immensely. In the test, they get a 275% hike, and in the ODI, they get a 500% hike in the match fees. New Zealand has also announced the same pay for their teams. A single moment can change the entire perspective, and the 2017 women’s world cup is the moment for the Indians.

Final Thought 

The 1983 world cup changed people’s perspective towards cricket, and that one moment set a path for the glory of cricket in India. The men’s team has reached all the heights, and it is time for the women’s team. The 2017 world cup final was a moment for women’s cricket. People started reaching out to the stadium for the women’s cricket match. BCCI has also made the historic decision of the same pay. Visit the CBTF website to know more about cricket betting tips.

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