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Top Cricket World Record Achieved By Women First | CBTF

Cricket is one of the big sporting events, but male cricketers get more attention, paycheck, and fame. Many people also said that cricket is a male-dominated sport, but things are changing now. Women are showcasing their talent in every field including cricket, and they are getting attention and fame. In recent times, women’s cricket has evolved and many boards have also equalized the paycheck for men and women. The people are reaching the stadium for the women’s cricket match. In a recent cricket ICC women’s world cup final, 86,174 people came to the stadium to see the match. The matches were played between Australia and India and created a history of the highest attendance. Comparing male and female cricketers is not fair because they are not competing. Still, there are many records women achieved first.

Most Wicket In T20 World Cup

ICC men’s T20 world cup started in 2007, and it became massively successful. After two years of the first men’s T20 world cup, ICC announced the women’s world cup. The first-ever women’s T20 world cup was played in 2009, and since then England and Australia are the most consistent teams. English bowler Anya Shrubsole has the record for the highest wicket in T20 world cup matches. She has taken 41 wickets in the T20 cricket ICC women’s world cup. Shahid Afridi holds the record of the highest taker in the men’s T20 world cup. Anya Shrubsole broke the Shahid Afridi record.

Highest Score In T20 World Cup Final 

The final of any ICC cricket tournament is tense, and people don’t get to see the high score so often. cricket ICC women’s match is used to low scoring compared to men’s, but this time the Australian women’s team held the record for the highest score in the final of the T20 world cup. In 2020, Australia scored 184 runs against India in the T20 world cup. In men’s cricket, India has the highest score in the T20 world cup final. They scored 157 runs in the 2007 T20 world cup against Pakistan.

First Double Hundred In ODI

Most cricket fans know that Sachin Tendulkar hit the first-ever double-century in the ODI, and it is also the most celebrated inning by fans. He hit the double century in 2010 against South Africa. The Australian batter was the first cricketer to score a double century. Belinda Clark scored the first-ever double-century in ODI cricket against Denmark. In the 1997 cricket ICC women’s world cup, she scored 229 runs in 155 balls and became the first player to score a double century in ODI.

Fastest Half-Century In a World Cup Final 

The final match of any format is tense, exciting, and nervous. No player wants to take risks on a big occasion and avoid playing big shots at the start. Australian star player Alyssa Healy holds the record for the fastest half-century in any format of a final. She scored the half-century in 30 balls and scored 75 runs in 39 deliveries in the final of the 2017 champions trophy. She broke the Hardik Pandya record of the fastest fifty in the final. Hardik Pandya scored 50 runs in 32 balls in the 2017 championship trophy against Pakistan.

Most T20 World Cup Title 

The first edition of the T20 cricket ICC women’s world cup was played in 2009, and Australia has ruled in the T20 world cup. England won the first, and Australia is consistent in winning the world cup except on one occasion in 2016. They won the women’s T20 world cup in 2010, 2012, 2014,2018, and 2020. Except for Australia, only two teams have been able to win this world cup.

Most Cricket World Cup Final By a Team 

Australia has sheer domination in the women’s cricket world cup and won the T20 world cup trophy 5 times. Since 2009, Australia has reached the final 6 times on 7 occasions. They couldn’t qualify for the final on the inaugural occasion and New Zealand & England reached the final. In 2016, they lost only one final against the West Indies. In men’s cricket, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England have reached the semifinal three times.

First Team to Score 400 Runs In ODI

Australian women’s cricket has sheer dominance over other countries. They were the first team to score 400 runs in ODI innings. In 1997, they scored 412 runs against Denmark, and in this match, Belinda Clark also scored the first-ever double centuries. 

Highest Individual Score In T20 World Cup

The T20 format is known for the boundaries, big shots, and big innings. Men’s cricketers have scored many runs in this format, but women’s cricket holds the record for the highest individual score. Australian player Meg Lanning scored 126 runs in the 2014 T20 world cup. She breaks the record of Brendon McCullum, who scored 123 runs against Bangladesh.

Most Match Played By a Player 

Australian Player Ellyse Perry has appeared in 36 matches in the T20 cricket ICC women’s world cup. She has been part of the world cup since the inaugural season. Tillakaratne Dilshan has the record of playing the most matches. He has appeared in 34 matches.


There is no competition between the men’s and women’s cricketers. It was a healthy comparison that women’s cricket has come a long way. Visit the CBTF website to know more about cricket ICC women’s matches and cricket betting tips.



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