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Things You Must Know About Cricket Prediction | CBTF Tips

Being argued as the second most popular sport across the globe after football, cricket stands out with 2.5 billion fans. Irrespective of this huge fanbase, cricket also enjoys immense popularity in terms of online betting. 

Live cricket betting offers you multiple options to pick in the world of online cricket gambling. For the novice and experienced bettors, this blog drives you through the critical aspects of the practice like perks of betting, cricket betting odds, considering factors to start betting prediction, and much more. 

Perks of Indulging in Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting brings its own set of benefits that you can leverage to earn some extra bucks. 

The foremost advantage that you get is the fact that you always have something to punt on in the cricket betting world. Many platforms offer the betting options for different sports but some cricket betting sites facilitate cricket betting only. Consequently, with ongoing cricket matches, the bettors find various bidding options to make the money out of it. 

Second thing that makes cricket such an admired sport for betting is the number of markets. Cricket betting lets you choose from a wide range of options, providing flexibility of betting at your comfort level. 

Make an Accurate Betting Prediction 

Many factors contribute to nail the right prediction point, be it free cricket tips or strategies and understanding of the game. Let’s know about the things that you should consider for cricket betting prediction. 

  • Cricket Formats 

Before betting prediction, get a clear understanding of all the cricket formats – ODI, Test matches, and T20s. Understanding all the formats of cricket helps you place winning cricket bets. If you are new to cricket prediction and betting, below is a detailed explanation of the top cricket formats that would bring you success. 

  • First-Class Cricket 

Involving top-tier domestic and international teams, first-class cricket is a high profile fixture that attracts millions. In such fixtures, the matches can stretch up for 4-5 days, with both the teams playing two innings that can include County championships or Test matches. 

All the cricket matches involve playing XI squad on the field. Likewise, first-class cricket involves a team of 11 players which is conducted on international standard grounds. 

The County championship in England and the SuperSport Series are classified as first-class cricket. Understanding the patterns of these matches and player’s techniques, you can place your bet on reliable cricket betting sites. 

  • Limited Overs Cricket 

This is yet another cricket format that professional bettors choose to predict about and bet on. It is played as a single innings match in which the participating cricket squads bowl a particular number of overs. Depending on the cricket conducting committees, the overs can either be 20 or 50, or in the latest 100 balls format. This gives you a quick outcome of your predictions to earn money online. 

  • One Day Matches 

One day matches are played in limited overs that involve the face off between two high-profile teams and if it is ODI, it looks for two international squads. Usually, these matches involve 50 overs, the events being competitive and predicting the winner of the match becomes really tough to predict. You got to have really sharp eyes for accurate prediction in this format. 

  • T20 

Introduced in 2003, T20 is one of the most popular cricket formats that has become more popular in the cricket betting world. In this format, there is a single innings rivalry of 20 overs between the two finalist teams. It is one of the most recognised formats and has provided most-watched matches. 

  • The Hundred 


As you can draw out from the name, the Hundred format includes a 100-ball professional cricket franchise, comprising eight men and women teams. This cricket format is known as the ECB as England and Wales Cricket Board hold its hosting rights. 

Cricket Odds for Online Betting Prediction

Just like other sports betting, cricket has some betting odds that define your successful betting payouts. If the odds come up with your winnings, the genuine cricket betting sites increase your wager. This is why placing the bets with a reliable bookmaker is crucial to increase your profit. 

Depending on the market and platforms, the cricket odds vary. You may find some betting picks have better odds while others may offer only the moderate odd values. 

Apart from the odds, the bookmakers facilitate different odds formats to suit every potential player. 

Summing Up 

Sitting and predicting the live cricket betting outcomes? Don’t just air your opinions but become a part of the betting world to earn some extra pennies. Cricket involves different formats and the gameplays that you have to understand closely. 

If you are unsure about your intuition to place an accurate bet, we, at CBTF betting tips free, endeavor to give you free cricket tips. Know all about cricket betting and updates at CBTF betting. 

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