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Top Reason to Watch Women’s Cricket Match | CBTF

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and it competes with football in viewership. A player who has never played international cricket got an immense amount of fame just by playing in the IPL. You can imagine the popularity of cricket by this, but there are also other sides to the tale. Women’s cricket matches have struggled to get viewership and sponsors. In recent times, many things have changed, and they have been getting sponsorship, viewership, fame, and paycheck. Still, many people are asking “ why should I watch cricket ICC women’s matches?” Interest and the number of people who play cricket have also changed across the country, and women want to pursue a career in cricket.

The first-ever women’s cricket match was played in 1745, and it might be possible that cricket may exist between women before it. According to records, the first-ever match was played on 26 July 1745. The first-ever international cricket match was played between Australia and England in 1934. Women also play in every international tournament that men do. Australia is the most successful team in the cricket ICC women’s history. There are many more reasons to watch the women’s cricket match.

Women Played the World Cup Before Men 

If we ask anyone when the first world was organized. Most people will reply that the first-ever world cup was organized in 1975 in England, and the mighty West Indies won the world cup. It is partially correct because the first-ever world cup was organized two years before. Seven women’s teams participated in the world cup. The first-ever world cup was organized for women, but couldn’t become as famous as the men’s team. The seven teams were: England, Young England, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and International XI. England was the winner by finishing first on the points table.

Four Consecutive ODI Century

There are only a few occasions when we get to see consecutive centuries by a player, and four consecutive centuries are rare. Many players have scored three consecutive centuries, but the New Zealand batter Amy Satterthwaite made a record by hitting consecutive four centuries. In 2017, she hit her first three centuries against Pakistan and her fourth century against Australia. In men’s cricket, this record is held by Sri Lankan batter Kumar Sangakara. He hit four consecutive centuries in 2015 and is the only men’s player to do so.

First Ever Double Century By Women

Most people know that Sachin Tendulkar hit the first-ever century in the ODI, but that is partly correct. He hit the first-ever century in men’s international cricket in 2010 against South Africa. Did you know? The first ever double century was scored by an Australian women player in 1997. It was way before the Sachin Tendulkar double century. She scored 229 runs against Denmark in the world cup. After two decades Rohit Sharma broke her record of 229 runs in Kolkata, Eden Garden.

No Foul Activities

Cricket is known as a gentleman’s game, but we can see sledging any day. Most of the team are sledging which makes the environment heat up. Unlike men’s cricket, women’s matches have no foul activities. There are never any foul activities ever recorded in the women’s cricket match. There is not any match-fixing, scandals, or spot-fixing registered to date. There are many occasions where men’s cricketers have been caught in a scandal.

Is Cricket a Gender Bias Game?

Cricket has been in existence for decades, and men & women are also participating in this game. The first-ever world cup was also played by women. Since women and men cricketers are not competing with each other, calling cricket a gender bias game will be too much. There are differences between men’s and women’s cricket matches. Men usually get high viewership and fame, and it happens because of the audience not due to the game. Many cricket boards have come forward to remove the gender biases of the game and equalize the paycheck. Now, fans are reaching the stadium to support the cricket ICC women’s match. In India, it happens because of the grit of the women’s players. They never complain and keep playing. The 2017 world cup was a turning point when they lost the final against England, but it changed everything in Indian cricket. Once again, India reached the final of the T20 world cup in 2020 but lost the final against Australia. These finals are more worthy than the winning trophy because they changed the perspective of the audience, and they started believing in women’s players.


Men’s cricket has always been in the hype, viewership, and immense amounts of money, but women’s cricket has struggled to match it. The Cricket Board has come forward to support the women’s cricket match. There are multiple reasons to watch women’s cricket matches. It is exciting, competitive, and holds many records that men don’t. Visit the CBTF website to learn more about cricket matches and free cricket betting tips.


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