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Top Reasons to Watch ICC Women’s Cricket Matches | CBTF Tips

Top Reasons to Watch ICC Women’s Cricket Matches

Women’s cricket has been around us for centuries throughout the world. Both men’s and women’s cricket started to flourish at the same time but the recognition of women matches got buried and took years to rise again. 

Today, women cricketers no longer remain mere adjuncts to their male counterparts on the ground. In recent years, you must have seen the potential of women cricketers that have attracted bettors as well. 

Likewise, men’s sports bettors have paved the way for betting on different women cricket matches which have brought them huge monetary benefits. If you are wondering why you should watch women’s cricket, let us acquaint you with the reasons. 

Why Watch ICC Women’s Matches?

If you are looking for reasons to watch women cricket matches, here are the reasons for you to watch:

  • A New Definition of Cricket

Traditionally, women’s cricket has been known for its grace and the way it is played. The rise of different cricket leagues with women showing power and hard-hitting has contributed to the quick establishment of the identity of women’s cricket. 

In women’s cricket matches, you can see that women cricketers have come upfront, putting on a great show just like their male counterparts on the ground. With utmost sporting spirit and grace, women’s cricket has got much more support from the betting market as well. 

  • From Back foot to Front Foot 

For many years, women have often struggled to get significant recognition in the sport. The picture has now changed and women are taking the charge on the field at a great pace. Previously, many women had to fight against all the odds to prove their potential in women matches.

Once, Mithali Raj was criticised for making the career choice in cricket but today her records and stats on the cricket matches have spoken for itself. The International Cricket Council (ICC) and BCCI have accepted the conduct of women cricket matches in international competitions. 

  • Rise in the Competition 

The increasing competition in the cricket world has spiked the interest of enthusiasts to watch the women’s world cup. In all types of cricket matches, the women in blue are given the tough competition in the world. There are many strong women contenders in different squads who have changed the face of cricket and taken it to the next level.  

With so many women’s matches, there come many opportunities for the bettors to earn exciting rewards. This demonstrates the strength in depth of women’s cricket across the world, and this competition can only be a good thing for the game.

Now, you may think of why you should bet on women’s cricket. 

Reasons to Love Cricket Betting 

Betting is not always rewarding but there are many reasons that you would love to place a wager on women matches

  • Convenient Online Betting Platforms

The convenience of betting on different cricket betting options is an attractive option for bettors. With online cricket betting sites, the gamblers get convenient options to place bets from their comfort level. Also, many betting sites have cricket betting sites that allow people to access betting on women matches. The bettors can leverage the betting options safely on multiple platforms. 

  • Safe Bet 

Safe betting is another option that attracts bettors to bet on different cricket matches. More knowledge about the sport already makes it much safer to wage on women matches. Probably, you may not like to gamble when you don’t even know what it is and what a bet can do for you. Thus, placing a bet on women’s 

Cricket makes betting more exciting for bettors.

The assurance of safe betting via cricket betting sites entices the bettors to place more bets in women cricket matches. Before proceeding, it is important that you find the right platform to bet on cricket. Well, there is a myriad of options and you have to pick the one that suits you the best as there are plenty of trusted platforms. This is spurring the excitement among cricket betting enthusiasts as they know they can involve themselves in this joyous sport while being on the safe side of betting on different cricket events. 

  • Plenty of Markets to Bet On 

The tournament and cricket leagues including women matches offer you many markets to wager on. If you bet on some of the most popular markets, such as over/under or match prices, you get an exciting run for your cash.

Even if you lose your bet, you get the thrill and excitement of betting for the majority of the game. There are many markets available to bet on women cricket matches including: 

  • Total Match Fours
  • Man of the Match
  • Top Batsman
  • Total Match Sixes
  • Highest Individual Score
  • Top Bowler
  • First Wicket Method

With these markets plus you can see why cricket betting is the way to go for you in women matches. You get the freedom to choose a market that you feel will favour you at any cricket betting site.

The stellar performances of women’s cricket in the World Cup events in the previous matches have encouraged the bettor to get huge winnings out of it. In the women matches, the bettors get varying opportunities to place the wager.

To bet wisely, you must get the latest cricket updates with free cricket betting tips. For more information, stay tuned with CBTF Betting Experts

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