An Ultimate Guide To Bet On Cricket Matches

Being one of the most popular sports across the globe, cricket is consistently gaining huge popularity with the advent of online betting opportunities. This has made betting a lot easier for the ordinary punters, starting with a minimal amount. 

In the cricket betting world, it has a huge number of betting options, such as match bet, innings runs, player & team total, and much more. If you are looking for free cricket betting tips, let’s dive deep to know about the potential strategies to bet on the cricket matches. 

Strategies To Win Cricket Matches

There are so many cricket betting strategies that can bring huge monetary benefits for you. Have a look: 

Reading Cricket Odds 

If you are new to betting, you must understand cricket betting odds. Here are the odds that you must know about: 

  • Match Bet

Match bet in cricket is similar to other sports when it comes to getting an opportunity for placing a wager - betting on particular outcomes from limited opportunities which is named as a win or a draw. 

For such bets, the American odds are generally used where the favorite is represented as (+) or (-) sign in front of it and the underdog is addressed as adding a plus sign (+) in front. 

  • Innings Runs

Betting on innings runs is another popular betting method in which the potential bettors can pick to bet on the exact number of runs in a particular inning. Also, they can pick the under or over for listed total runs. 

This betting differs in alternate cricket formats like T20 where only the two innings are played with each cricket team batting once. Other formats of cricket offer you a greater innings total as there are many innings and teams alternate as batters. 

  • First Ball Cricket Betting

The impatient bettors have the option to bet on the result of the first thrown ball on the pitch. Some online cricket betting sites list the cricket betting odds for particular outcomes of the cricket matches, such as crunching of a four, six, or wicket. Most simply, the bets are placed on over and under runs totals for the first ball. This is yet another popular bet that les the bookies increase their profitability. 

  • Total Cricket Betting On a Team and Player

In sports like cricket, the punters can bet on total runs scored by either of the participating teams. The bookies set a basic expected run score and the punters can wager over or under on their risk to both the players and the teams. In this form, the players and the teams need to touch a specific score of runs which is not much popular but still offered.  

Leveraging Live Betting For Cricket

Some of the cricket formats are stretched upto 7-8 hours. This encourages the punters to bet on live cricket matches to an extent which is less common in other sports, such as hockey or basketball. 

Not only are there options of betting available but also changing props and short-term betting opportunities are made available through live betting on online cricket betting sites.  

Advantages You Can Get From Top Cricket Betting Sites

In other sports, prop betting in cricket allows the punters to bet on certain events that are directly tied to the final outcome of the matches, such as placing a bet on the player who will score the most or which team will win the toss. 

We’ll break down some of the options for you. They are listed as the following: 

  • Top Batter/ Bowler

The punters who are more interested in props than the final results, can choose to bet on the top batter or bowler props. The top batter is the one who scores the most runs either in a team or in both the innings’. A top bowler is the one who takes the highest wickets in a match, be it on a team and in the innings’

  • Most Sixes

It is much like choosing the top batter. Similar to top batter prop bet, the gamblers can bet on which player or the team would hit the most sixes throughout the match. 

  • Coin Toss

In the cricket world, it is said that the team who wins the toss gets to win the match. If the bettors want to wager, this is a simple bet that the punters choose to guess the toss winning team. Some cricket betting sites provide you with this opportunity. 

  • Player of the Match Or Series

In a cricket match, the player gets a title of being the player of the match. This is also one of the preferred bets that the punters choose. The potential bettors can wager on this prop before the start of a match or a series. 

These bets are easily available on the betting sites and following the free cricket betting tips, you can earn more. 

Cricket Betting Strategies 

With the online availability of betting options on the cricket betting sites, the new age bettors must know about the betting opportunities that are numerous and diverse. 

The key to succeed while betting on cricket matches is finding the overvalued and undervalued bets within a market and taking up the advantage accordingly. 

With cricket betting tips by CBTF Betting experts, the betting is much more simpler now for the punters. Moreover, it increases your profitability in the cricket betting world. 

To bet on live cricket matches, get our expert tips at CBTF Betting tips and amp up your chances of winning the wagers.
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